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Zen Studios Out of Ammo for PlayStation VR

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Zen Studio announced they will be releasing a PlayStation VR version of Out of Ammo – one of the first of many Indie PC games being converted to VR console. The game is a hybrid of RTS (Real Time Strategy) mixed with being an FPS (First Person Shooter). Zen Studios partnered up with RocketWerkz, a company founded by the creator of DayZ, Dean Hall to bring top-tier indie PC games to console.

Out of Ammo will be available in Winter of 2018. For anyone who pre-orders the Indie game, will also receive a free copy of CastleStorm VR for free.

What exactly is in Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo places players in the middle of raging battles, intensified by the Virtual Reality immersion. Users are able to play as grunts and generals with being able to command troops and decide on fortifications. Once the player has decided on a strategy, they can choose to play whichever position they want on the battlefield ranging from throwing grenades from the frontline, shooting machine guns, pistol-wielding medics, an engineer with a shotgun or the role as a sniper from the watchtowers.

Having the ability is vital to the different strategy of each player since enemies can also change their approach in real-time.

“We at Zen are determined to enable console audiences to play some of the best, most innovative indie PC games out there, and Out of Ammo perfectly speaks to the core of what this new publishing initiative is all about. We’re very selective about the titles that we’ll bring from PC to console—and more will be announced in the weeks to come—but RocketWerkz made Out of Ammo an easy choice to be first out the gate. We love it. The Steam community loves it. And we know PlayStation VR owners will love it as well.” says Mel Kirk, Zen Studios’ VP, Publishing.

“All it took was one meeting with Zen for me to realize not only that the game should be brought to PlayStation VR, but also that Zen was the right studio to handle the conversion. Out of Ammo started out as an experiment in seeing what RocketWerkz could do in virtual reality, and we’ve been flattered with the positive response the game has received ever since it was released on PC. It’s incredibly exciting to know that a whole new audience is about to experience it for the first time.” says Dean Hall, Chief Executive at RocketWerkz.

Overall Impression

Out of Ammo seems like a new way of viewing VR games. This is just the start for all Indie fan lovers; Zen Studio plans to convert more Indie PC games into VR console games through their experiments with Out of Ammo. But it’s not all great news, because of the nature of competitiveness within the gaming world, only a certain few Indie games can be converted. Even so, it still stands to point out, this genre of games is coming to VR, and hopefully with more branching out from this reasonably technology.

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