XCOM 2 on PS4 and Xbox One – Is it Worth Buying?

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XCOM 2 finally launches today on PS4 and Xbox One in North America and later this week (for some reason) on September 30th in the UK. But should you buy it? Well, if you already own the game on PC or don’t have it but own a PC capable of running it, then the answer is probably not. On the other hand, if you’re exclusively a console gamer that wants to know what the deal is with this game that everyone was talking about earlier this year you should definitely consider grabbing a copy of XCOM 2 for either PS4 or Xbox One right now.

Aside from the fact that XCOM 2 is one of the best turn-based strategy titles ever made, it’s pretty rare to see a TBS on consoles so owning one could potentially introduce you to a brand new genre, which is always pretty exciting. The game comes straight from the good folks over at Firaxis who did a great job with the PC version and are also the brains behind the Civilization series. Basically, they are to TBS what Bethesda is to open-world RPGs and you can always rely on them to deliver a great game. Except for that one time with Beyond Earth but we’ll pretend that never happened.

The PS4 and Xbox One ports of XCOM 2 are pretty much identical to the PC version and overall offer the same great experience. We’ve certainly seen a lot of bad ports over the last few years but given Firaxis’ experience with XCOM: Enemy Unknown it’s pretty safe to say that this won’t be the case here. Speaking of which, if you’ve played Enemy Unknown on consoles getting XCOM 2 is pretty much a no-brainer as the game improves upon its predecessor in a lot of departments and has even more content to offer. Granted, the story ends on a bit of a sour note and the normal difficulty seems to have been toned down a bit, however, there’s always the Commander difficulty for hardcore gamers and Legend for those who enjoy getting senselessly punished at every turn.

Having said that, there are a couple of disadvantages to buying the console versions instead of the PC one. For starters, as a full-priced $60 release it’s quite a bit more expensive than on PC, which can be bought for $20-30 at the moment from a number of retailers, and that’s just for the standard version. While getting the DLC packs isn’t absolutely necessary, they really do add quite a bit to the experience and are worth the asking price for those interested in checking out the whole package. In addition, XCOM 2 on consoles doesn’t feature modding support, which is a bit of a bummer now that console gamers got a taste of mods earlier this year thanks to Bethesda and Fallout 4. Just like the DLC, mods aren’t really a must-have but they do add a lot of extra content.

All in all, console gamers who decide to get XCOM 2 for PS4 or Xbox One won’t be missing much aside from some of the standards benefits that are always present on PC. But regardless of the platform, at the end of the day XCOM 2 is definitely worth buying by anyone with the necessary skills and patience to overcome its difficulty. If you want to learn more about the game check out our XCOM 2 PC review and if you ever get stuck during a difficult encounter don’t worry because we got you covered with our guide to defeating every type of alien in the game.



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