Windows 10 upgrades will still be free for people with disabilities

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Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that Windows 10 upgrades would end their free roam. People would have to start paying $120 to upgrade to Windows 10 starting July 30, but it looks like the announcement wasn’t referring to everyone without exception. According to a post on the Windows Accessibility blog, Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 upgrades free for people with disabilities.

The blog post reveals that Windows 10 will continue to be a free upgrade for those with disabilities, but the company did not give details on how one could verify their claim and benefit from a free Windows 10 upgrade. The company has apparently said that it would give more details in the following few weeks.

There are people on forums around the world who are skeptical about the announcement and about Microsoft’s decision to give people with disabilities free Windows 10 upgrades, but since the details of this arrangement are rather scarce at the moment, I suggest we wait until the company reveals more details about their plans for how Windows 10 upgrades will be distributed after the July 29 anniversary update. Until then, people with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can upgrade their OS to Windows 10 free of charge, if they wish to do so, although Microsoft is kinda forcing the upgrade on everyone already.


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