Watch Dogs 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider Demos Available on PS4

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Despite being a much better game, Watch Dogs 2 didn’t end up being nearly as popular as its predecessor, so chances are that some people reading this haven’t bothered to pick it up at launch. No need to worry, though, because you can easily change that and for free, too. Well, provided you own a PS4 that is. Ubisoft recently made available a Watch Dogs 2 demo for the PS4that features 3 hours of content, including multiplayer, 2 player co-op, story missions, side missions, and all the other good stuff. The demo will also be available on the Xbox One starting with January 24. No news regarding a possible PC demo just yet I’m afraid.

“In WATCH_DOGS 2 Free Trial, players have the chance to freely explore the entirety of the San Francisco Bay Area open-world, using all gadgets, weapons and advanced hacking options available to shape the fate of the city,” reads the press release. “They can freely choose their path between stealthy infiltrations in restricted areas or wacky action-packed antics with friends. Picking from a wide variety of tools, drones, RC cars and weapons, players can take advantage from a fully hackable city and watch as the game environment reacts to their every move.”

In other news, if Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s also a demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. This is also a PS4 demo and you can start downloading it right now from the PlayStation Store. Similar to the Watch Dogs 2 demo, you can get a few hours of free content with this trial and all your progress will transfer to the full version of the game should you decide to buy it at some point.



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