VRMark Allows You to Benchmark Your PC for VR on Steam

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Looking to buy a virtual reality headset but don’t know if you’re PC can handle it? No problem. Futuremark, the company behind the popular 3DMark benchmarking software has recently launched a brand new tool on Steam called VRMark. Just as its name suggests, the tool was specifically designed to check if your PC is “VR ready” by performing a series of stress tests and giving your machine a score at the end. Basically, it works just like 3DMark but offers two new benchmark tests entitled Orange Room and Blue Room.

Much like any good piece of software, VRMark offers a free demo in the form of the Orange Room test that you can grab from Steam right now. The demo checks to see if your PC can meet the minimum recommended requirements for two of the most popular VR headsets available right now – the HTC Vive and  the Oculus Rift. If the bare minimum isn’t enough for you, however, VRMark also offers the Blue Room, which is a more demanding test that pushes your hardware to its limits. According to the Steam description, any PC that passes this second test will be able to run VR games on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at the highest possible settings.

VRMark is now available on Steam for $20 or your regional equivalent, though there seems to be a sale going on at the moment that slices the price by 25%. If you’re not interested in the Orange Room test, however, you can just grab the Blue Room demo for free.

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