TripAdvisor has teamed up with Google Play Music

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For a better trip experience and also in Google Play Music’s favour, TripAdvisor has decided to team up with Google’s music app on Android. Although this partnership seems to be more in the favour of the Google Play Music app as it has a lot of competition with Apple music and Spotify, the merge of the two apps also makes the TripAdvisor app more appealing. What both app developers are trying to do is to let its TripAdvisor Android app users to create a soundtrack based on well known as well as hidden songs that are popular in the city you are preparing to explore.

Unfortunately, this new TripAdvisor app feature will only be available in the countries where Google Play Music is available meaning a little bit more than 60 countries. Also, you have to be a Google Music Play subscriber to be able to create a soundtrack based on the musical culture of the country you are going to visit. For example, if you are going to Germany and plan your trip through the TripAdvisor Android app you can also create a personalised tracklist with any german music that you like. Of course, if you don’t have time to create your own soundtrack, Google Play Music can always sort out some already made soundtracks.

The reason why the team up between TripAdvisor and Google Play Music is a great idea is that you can relate more and learn more about the new culture you are exploring and also because music makes the whole travelling experience better. If you haven’t used the TripAdvisor app on Android yet with the launch of this new feature if you download the app today you also get a two months trial of Google Play Music.


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