Total War: Warhammer II Release Date and Deluxe Edition Announced

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Total War: Warhammer II finally has an official release date thanks to a new announcement at E3. The game is scheduled to launch on September 28th, which is honestly a bit sooner than we expected. Not complaining, though. In spite of all the DLC nonsense, the original is a very solid game and Total War: Warhammer II looks just as good from what we’ve seen so far. Shortly after Creative Assembly announced the release date and showcased a bit of new gameplay footage at the PC Gaming Show, publisher SEGA revealed the game’s Deluxe Edition, which is now available for pre-order.

Coming in at a wallet-draining $150, the “Serpent God” Deluxe Edition is by no means cheap but it does include a number of interesting physical bonuses. We’re looking at a Stone Effect “Puzzle Sphere” complete with Carved Bone-Effect Totems, Art Book, Metal Case, Canvas Map with Lizardmen-themed artwork, sticker sheet, a USB drive with Black Library e-books, and a Total War: Warhammer II strategy guide. In addition, there’s also a digital bonus in the form of a new race and two new Legendary Lords for the original game. The new race and Lords haven’t been revealed just yet but Sega did confirm that they will be available to play before Total War: Warhammer II comes out.

Interestingly enough, the Deluxe Edition doesn’t seem to mention anything about the game itself. If the Serpent God Edition doesn’t include a copy of Total War: Warhammer II this sounds like a pretty tough sell for gamers considering the price tag. Meanwhile, if you’re only interested in the additional content for the original game, it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to buy the Deluxe Edition in order to acquire it. According to SEGA, anyone who pre-orders the regular version of Total War: Warhammer II or buys it in the first week after launch will also receive the Race Pack bonus.

Creative Assembly recently announced that Total War: Warhammer will receive additional DLC before the launch of its sequel. Details are a bit sketchy right now but the company did promise that the new content will be free, which is always nice.



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