Starcraft Brood War Remastered – Check out These Side-by-Side Comparisons

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Starcraft Remastered has officially been confirmed after many months of speculations. Back in August of last year, rumors related to a possible new version of the beloved game have started circulating and surfaced again earlier this year after Blizzard apparently decided to give away free copies of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Luckily, there’s no need to talk about rumors anymore because the original Starcraft is indeed getting remastered and coming sometime this Summer. The new and improved version will include both the original game and the Brood War expansion pack along with all the campaign missions.

As for the multiplayer, fans of the original can breathe easily according to Blizzard. The company made it clear that Starcraft Remastered will feature the same gameplay we all know and love. After many months of gathering feedback from veterans of the series, Blizzard decided that a fresh coat of paint and some extra functionality is all the game really needs. In other words, there will be no rebalancing, with every unit, building and ability functioning exactly like they did in the original. After all, there’s a reason why Brood War is still being played to this day, so messing around with the gameplay would have been a bad move indeed.

When it comes to the visual overhaul you’ll be happy to know that Starcraft Remastered seems to perfectly preserve the art style of the original from what we’ve seen so far. Some people may have been worried that Starcraft 2 models would replace some of the original ones but I’m happy to report that this won’t be the case. Hopefully, Blizzard will also bring back all the original sound assets but we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, the company has already revealed several side-by-side comparisons to show fans how Starcraft Remastered will look compared to the original. Check them out in the gallery down below.

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Visual enhancements aside, Starcraft Remastered will also come with a few quality of life improvements. Some of these include 4K Ultra HD resolution support, cloud saving, replays, keybinds, reworked original cinematics that run at 1080p, comic book style cutscenes, and more. Matchmaking has also been enhanced to cater to modern expectations, however, the original Custom Games functionality will be available as well. Not only that but Blizzard has also made it possible to keep your friends list from the original game if you decide to upgrade to Starcraft Remastered. Basically, this looks to be the perfect remaster – only a few new features and all the tried and true gameplay fans have been enjoying for nearly two decades. What more could we ask?

Pricing for Starcraft Remastered has not been announced just yet but if similar remastered games are any indication, we should expect something along the $40 mark. Meanwhile, Blizzard announced that the original Starcraft along with Brood War will soon be available for free. Not free-to-play or just temporarily free. Simply download the game and it’s yours to keep forever.

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