Star Wars Battlefront Now Playable Via Origin Access

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As promised last month, Star Wars Battlefront was recently added to the Origin Access Vault. The game is now available for free along with dozens of other titles provided you’re subscribed to EA’s service. Similar to all the other titles found in the Vault, you’ll only get access to the base game, so you’ll need to buy the Season Pass if you’re looking for the full experience. Still, if you haven’t played Star Wars Battlefront before and were considering giving it a try, an Origin Access subscription is definitely the cheapest option right now.

The Origin Access program was announced earlier this year and featured only 15 titles at launch, but was since expanded to include over 50. The service uses a monthly subscription model, which costs $5 or your regional equivalent. While its initial selection wasn’t exactly impressive, the service is becoming more and more difficult to resist thanks to the addition of so many games. Aside from the the newly added Star Wars Battlefront, Origin Access also includes access to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Titanfall, Dragon Age Inquisition along with its predecessors, Torchlight 2, This War of Mine, the Mass Effect, Dead Space, and Crysis trilogies, and more.

In case you already own all those older games, Origin Access also comes with a couple of extra benefits like a 10% Origin-wide discount and trial versions for some of the hottest new games. One of the trials currently on offer is for Battlefield 1, which only grants access to parts of the single-player campaign, but may be worth looking into if you wanted to test the game before committing to a purchase later on.

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