Saved by the Bells Slot Review

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Online gaming companies are constantly looking at ways of improving their online slot offerings, with hundreds of new slot games being released every year. As technology improves, the quality, complexity, and immersion of slot games becomes ever better. Despite there now being some incredibly advanced slot games, many gamers still have a particular game which they hold close to their hearts. Games which are simple or have a particular feel or knack to winning are often the ones that players want to visit again and again. Saved By the Bells Slots is a casino classic which is consistently at the top of old-school slot gaming lists.

Although it may sound like the game is based on the popular 90’s teen high school comedy that made Screech a household name, the game is actually a classic ‘fruit machine’ which throws back to the old-fashioned slot machines you’d find in a casino or gaming house. This no-frills game was designed specifically so that players can pick up and play with very little instruction and enjoy a slot game that is really easy to master. The game features 5 reels with 25 pay lines and generous bonuses and scattered wilds. Just because the game is simple doesn’t mean the wins are low, with a progressive jackpot that gets higher the more you play.

Playing the game is especially easy and matches the gameplay found on classic ‘one armed bandits’. First, you choose your bet, with available denominations from £0.01 – £250.00. Select which pay lines you want to bet on, then spin the reels to match up the symbols which include single, double and triple bars, Ace, Jack, Queen and King symbols, cherries, bells and of course the ‘Saved by the Bells’ logo which multiplies your stake by 2500x if you match 5 on an active pay line. The pink lucky number 7 acts as the wild, with 15 free spins unlocked if you match 3, 25 spins if you match 4 and an incredible 50 free spins if you match 5 across the reels.

Despite being an easy game, the jackpot is still just as good as the more advanced games out there. Players can take advantage of a progressive jackpot which has a 3% growth rate of game bets. The number of active pay lines and size of wager dictate the winning probability and the jackpot is always active. Even if another player manages to hit it big and take the lot, the jackpot will be automatically replenished.

Saved by the Bells is a perfect way for both experienced and new slot players to enjoy a simple, easy to follow online machine that doesn’t need a user manual to understand the winning combinations. The strong 94.62% return to player percentage means games last longer, with a better chance of winning big or taking home some extra money from coin payouts. Features like auto spin and bet max mean that seasoned players can win faster and the defined symbol colors and clear combos allow wins to be tracked easily.

If you’re looking for an easy to play slot game that won’t leave you with a headache from constant video clips and annoying voiceovers then Saved by the Bells is a no-nonsense, simple online slot that doesn’t sacrifice quality or jackpot.

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