Samsung Galaxy S8: No Physical Home Button, AI Assistant, New Wireless Charging Tech

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It’s a bit hard to consider buying anything from Samsung right now seeing as how all their products, ranging from phablets to washing machines, seem to explode. That said, the Korean manufacturer promises that its next big thing, namely the Samsung Galaxy S8, will be well worth your while when it launches next year. We’re talking about a fresh new smartphone that incorporates a lot of interesting technology, including a dual-edged curved display with almost no bezels. In addition, it sounds like the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also do away with most of the physical buttons and will feature a new wireless charging method that uses three coils instead of the traditional two.

The latest word on the street from South Korea is that Samsung is planning a true fullscreen display for its next flagship, with minuscule bezels on the top and bottom, and curved edges similar to those found on Galaxy Edge models. Needless to say, there isn’t a lot of room for a home button on a smartphone designed like that, which is why both the home button and the fingerprint scanner are believed to be incorporated into the actual touchscreen display. Interestingly enough, rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not feature any physical power and volume buttons either, though the new on-screen buttons are still expected to be found on the side.

Having said all that, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include at least one physical button. According to new reports from The Wall Street Journal and other reputable sources, the button in question will be used to interact with the new AI assistant developed by Viv Labs Inc, which Samsung acquired back in October. While still unconfirmed, rumor has it that the new personal assistant will be known as Bixby and may end up delaying the Samsung Galaxy S8 for a bit, as the Korean tech giant wants to make sure that it’s up to par with similar services like Siri, Cortana, and Google Home. Whether the part about the delay is true or not we cannot say, but Samsung’s Executive VP Rhee Injong did confirm this past Sunday that a new AI is definitely coming to the Galaxy S8. though he is still keeping its name under wraps for now.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was initially pegged for a February 2017 launch but in light of this recent information, it sounds like it might end up being delayed by about two months. According to the WSJ, we should expect the upcoming smartphone to hit the shelves sometime in April of next year. A potential delay would be pretty unfortunate but if Samsung manages to offer all the aforementioned features while also preventing the thing from blowing up, I say the wait will be worth it.

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