Rust Passes 6 Million Copies Sold On Steam

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Rust Passes 6 Million Copies Sold On Steam

The “Early Access “ game Rust has just recently (16th November 2017) burst pass the 6 million copies sold marker on Steam according to Steam data collater SteamSpy. This major milestone appears to be the result of the game evolving further more into the polished end product that the gaming world wants, although not everyone is happy.

It seems that a bunch of the established long time players of the game have taken to the reviews section for Rust to voice their concerns. A common concern from players who have on average racked up well over a mammoth 800 hours played seems to be that game has became “painful” to play and has lost its earlier charm. It seems that the general feeling from the negative reviews posted recently is that the game has drifted into becoming overly complicated.

Although some veterans of Rust have left negative reviews, Steam has reported a “High Volume of Reviews Detected” at the start of November with a big chunk of those being positive. So although we can see some negative reviews coming through recently the general feel is that they are going in the right direction.

Its interesting to notice that only 2 weeks later following this large burst of positive reviews Rust manages to grow quickly past the 6 million copies sold landmark. This clearly shows that positive reviews during Early Access are key to sales and as long as the general mood towards a game is positive it can ride that wave to success.

Another interesting pattern that developed after Rust hit the 6 million copies sold marker is that Steam then put the game at half price for 6 days. Referring back to SteamSpy again we can see that the number of copies owned by the Steam community actually dropped instead of grew as refunds (possible with the Steam Store if backed up with a good enough reason)  surpassed sales.So it appears that a game being in the Steam sale isn’t enough of an incentive to gamers to hang onto a game, unlike reviews in this case.


What Is Rust?

Rust is an open world craft and survive game that rivals Minecraft and Ark: Survival Evolved. Although Rust is similar it revolves more around a Player Vs. Player warfare model than those games with simpler base building. The game has huge multiplayer servers with huge player counts of up to 1000 and currently retail at $8.99 upwards according to CompareGameHosting. The game does not feature a single player mode though and if you try to search for news about it people tend to explain that the game simply wouldn’t work on your own.

What Is Early Access?

Early Access is a scheme that Steam runs to help game developers release games that aren’t fully completed to help mould the finished product with user feedback. Although this scheme sounds like the perfect solution a lot of games don’t end up being finished to the annoyance of the gaming community with many people refusing to buy unfinished games in case they are “stung” again. Some of the greatest games on Steam have been born from Early Access such as Kerbal Space Program, Don’t Starve Together and Besiege.

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