Rime Developers Remove Denuvo as Game Gets Cracked in Record Time

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You don’t often see publishers trying to get pirates to crack their games, and yet, that’s basically what the folks at Team Grey Box did. Last week the publisher of Rime challenged crackers to bypass the game’s Denuvo anti-tamper software, which they just recently did. Despite being considered the best form of protection on the market right now, Denuvo didn’t stand much of a chance as Rime was cracked in just seven days. Granted, a week is better than nothing but it’s interesting to see that Denuvo protected games are being cracked surprisingly fast lately. I guess pirates are just getting better at it.

Staying true to the promise made last week, Team Grey Box made an official announcement earlier stating that Denuvo will be removed from Rime in light of these recent events. The game was initially meant to launch without any form of DRM and it seems like most people are happy that it’s finally being removed. The DRM-free version of Rime should already be available so make sure to update your game if you haven’t already.

Rime is scheduled to receive its first traditional patch sometime next week. The update is meant to get rid of the VR initialization bug and fix hardware related crashes. The full patch notes will be revealed next week so keep an eye out for that.

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