Play non-VR Steam games in VR with MyDream Swift

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Steam is a huge library of games and anyone using the platform knows that it’s brimming with new content each day. However, the problem with Steam is that fan-favorite games like Battlefield, Borderlines, Dead Island, Witcher and many others are not available in virtual reality. Although that has only become a problem recently, with the advent of the Oculus Rift and HTC and Valve’s Vive VR headset, it looks like there’s a solution for those who want to play their favorite games in VR. MyDream Swift is a new piece of software that will convert any DX9 or DX11 games into VR games, although TechCrunch points out that the software is mostly optimized for FPS games.

MyDream Swift is up for pre-order for $30 and will be available for download on March 28. When buying the software, you will also get the MyDream VR game, which started everything. While trying to develop a VR version of MyDream, developers behind the MyDream Swift VR conversion software somewhat accidentally ended up with software that could convert any major game into a VR experience that can be enjoyed with the headset of your choice. While FPS experiences are the main appeal, MyDream Swift also comes with a Cinema mode that will let players enjoy non-FPS games through a virtual screen setup, although the experience won’t be as seamless as it is with FPS games. To use MyDream Swift with games like Battlefield, all players have to do is activate AutoVR and first-person camera controls and experience these games in lossless quality and 90hz render times.

With all that being said, MyDream Swift is going to be available for demos at VRDC in San Francisco throughout the week, so those that are interested and are in the area of the fair can try out the software using VR headsets to see how well it works and whether their favorite game will be playable in VR with it. More options like Swift are bound to appear on the horizon as more and more gamers turn their attention towards VR. Virtual reality is seemingly the tech of the year, so we expect many new games and software to be launched throughout the year taking advantage of the new experience.


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  1. Yes, but does it give an actual VR experience? Does it convert the image to 3D or is it just 2D?

    1. Author

      Not entirely, it doesn’t use stereoscopic imaging due to performance issues. But for FPS games, it works pretty fine. Other games look a bit wonky in cinema mode, but I think they’re playable.

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