PhoneRescue Launches on Android Devices

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PhoneRescue is a popular data recovery tool developed by iMobie, a company known for creating a number of other useful pieces of software like AnyTrans and PhoneClean. Chances are you’ve already heard about at least some of those apps if you’re an iOS user. If you’re an Android user, however, you’re likely not very familiar with the aforementioned products as iMobie has mostly been focusing on developing mobile software designed for iOS devices. Well not anymore because as of June 1st, the company expanded PhoneRescue and made it available on Android as well.

Unlike Apple’s iOS devices, Android phones and tablets are being developed by a large variety of different manufacturers, some bigger than others. At the time of this writing, the Android version of PhoneRescue supports five major brands, namely Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Huawei. Because most manufacturers like to tinker with the stock Android’s UI and add their own little touches to it, PhoneRescue has been specifically customized to each of the five brands. In other words, there are a total of five apps, so make sure you pick the one that’s compatible with your device if you’re looking to try out the software.

As for the pricing options, you’ll be happy to know that iMobie offers a trial version of PhoneRescue that you can grab from the official website. The trial lets you scan your device and shows all the files that can be recovered, however, you won’t actually be able to get the data back unless you activate the full version. PhoneRescue licenses start off at $50 and can get up to $70 or even $200 depending on how many different machines you want to install the software on. It’s worth noting that installing PhoneRescue on a PC or Mac allows you to recover data from any number of Android devices, so you can probably go with a Personal License if you only own one computer.

If you want to learn more about PhoneRescue make sure to check out our review right here. Our review is for the iOS version but it should give you a good idea of what to expect from the Android variant in terms of features and functionality. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a quick way to recover lost data on your Android device,  you can find a helpful guide right here.



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