NVidia Teases A New TITAN X Graphics Card

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In a teaser video posted on YouTube by NVidia, we can see that the company is coming with a new graphics card. The video is titled “It’s coming” and shows a new graphics card with TITAN X Collector’s Edition engraved on its side. The name shows up very briefly, but it is visible if you press pause at the right moment.

Now, a new Titan X looks like overkill since we got the Nvidia Titan Xp around six months ago, so a question must be asked. Will the new card bring even more power, pushing the current Pascal architecture to its limits, or will the card’s main selling point be a set of tacky neon lights?

It can’t be just a flashy, red and green LED-equipped TITAN Xp because the engraving clearly shows just “X,” so we bet the card could bring another jump in processing power. Could Nvidia offer another dual-GPU card, the first one since the monstrous Titan Z (with its monstrous $3,000 price tag) came out back in 2014? We should know pretty soon since a teaser is usually followed with more info shortly after.

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