Northgard Update Finally Introduces Multiplayer, New Combat Units

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Northgard is a neat little RTS/city building game that made its way to Steam Early Access earlier this year. While the title was already pretty good from the get-go it recently became even better thanks to a new major update. There are a few highlights worth mentioning here, with the most important one being the introduction of multiplayer. Multiplayer was one of the most requested features by the Northgard community so developer Shiro Games added two modes to make sure that everyone is happy. You’ve got your classic Free For All mode that supports up to six players alongside a Teamplay mode where you can get together with other players and duke it out in 2v2, 3v3 or 2v2v2 battles.

Multiplayer aside, the new update also added a couple of new combat units to the game. Northgard only featured a handful of combat units when it entered Early Access so it’s certainly good to see that they’ve added more. First off, we’ve got the Axe Thrower, Northgard’s first ranged unit. Axe Throwers aren’t as hardy as your regular Vikings so you may want to keep them in the back while your other units take the brunt of enemy attacks. Speaking of which, you’ll probably want to lead the charge with the other new unit known as the Shield Bearer. Just as its name suggests, this is a defensive unit that can take a fair amount of punishment before going down. This is especially true when defending against ranged attacks from Axe Thrower and Watch Towers.

The addition of new combat units and multiplayer is very nice but there’s a lot more where that came from. If you’re interested in the full patch notes for the new Northgard update make sure to check out Shiro Games’ official announcement right here. Just in case you don’t already own Northgard, it’s worth noting that the game is now available at %15 off on Steam. That’s just $17, down from the already pretty cheap price of $20.

If you want to learn more about Northgard check out the hands-on preview we did when the game first entered Steam Early Access.



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