New AnyTrans Feature Allows you to Share Data Between Multiple iCloud Accounts

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AnyTrans is an iOS device manager that also doubles as a great alternative to iTunes. The software suite is well-known for offering a wide range of useful features, such as two-way iTunes sync and the ability to download Youtube videos directly to your iPhone. In addition, software developer iMobie recently expanded AnyTrans with an additional feature that allows users to manage and sync iCloud content across multiple accounts. Since a lot of iOS users like to create several accounts just so they can benefit from the free storage space, this new feature will definitely come in handy for a lot of people.

iMobie’s iCloud Manager is the first of its kind and a very useful tool for anyone looking to simplify the process of juggling between multiple accounts. The fact that it also allows users to get the most out of their storage space is just an added bonus. With AnyTrans’ multi-iCloud Sync feature, users can finally share and sync data between all their accounts. At the same time, data can also be shared between family members, which is particularly useful if you have elderly relatives that have a hard time figuring out how to properly use iCloud themselves. To top it all off, the iCloud Manager lets you download/upload files in bulk via a simple drag-and-drop process, so no more wasting time with the old one by one method.

AnyTrans is available for both Mac and PC starting at $40 for the Personal License or $60 for the Family License. If you’re interested in testing the product first, however, it’s worth noting that iMobie offers a trial version of the software as well, albeit with some restrictions. Simply download the latest version and see for yourself if it’s worth investing in the software further down the road. Many already see AnyTrans as a must-buy for iOS users thanks to its constantly growing lineup of tools and features, but it’s always best to test things for yourself whenever possible.

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