Moto X 2016 photo leaks with a brand new design and large camera module

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Motorola has an event scheduled for May 17, but so far we’ve only heard about the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus being launched then. Now, things seem to be quite a bit different as Evan Blass, our favorite leakster, shared an image on his feed depicting the back panel of a Moto device and linked to one of his articles about the Moto X 2016 that was published back in December 2016. It’s not unusual to see Evan leaking something accurate, but this time the leaked Moto X 2016 back panel features quite the unusual design. There’s not much on there, but the massive camera module with the Moto logo underneath it does suggest that Moto is finally catching up with the times and might be launching a handset with a camera that might trump all the other smartphone cameras out there.

Moreover, the leaked Moto X 2016 back panel is made of metal, suggesting we’re getting a metallic design like the ones that have been popular recently. The design of the leaked handset is quite reminiscent of HTC’s releases, and it looks quite decent. There are rounded corners and buttons on the side, and the back is sleek and empty of clutter, it’s really symmetrical. It also seems to be rounded around the back a bit for a better grip, but that camera seems to have a slight bump. I’m not sure, we need more angles of this phone. Also, we can assume that water resistance will be part of the design this time around as well, even though that’s impossible to discern from a photo.


Unfortunately, front-facing stereo speakers are out of the picture for the Moto X 2016, if we are to have faith in evleaks. Nonetheless, the leaked picture attracts quite a lot of interest thanks to that big camera module. It seems to have some degree of custom optics, but who might Lenovo partner with for them? OIS and a better aperture like f/1.7 I think are supposed to be expected if the company wants to compete with today’s new flagships. It’s too bad evleaks didn’t share an image of the front of the Moto X 2016, maybe there’s also a front-camera with new features, who knows.

With the new design, we can’t help but wonder what may come of the Moto Maker customization feature? If the Moto X 2016 goes metal, will Lenovo and Moto offer the possibility of choosing at least the logo color? I can’t tell from the photo if one could somehow remove the back panel, but if that were possible and the handset didn’t come with a unibody, maybe Moto Maker is set on becoming a luxury body shop for Moto handsets. That would be interesting, right? More likely than not, Moto Maker won’t be available for 2016 devices, if this leak turns out to be true.

When it comes to Moto X 2016 specs, that’s something that one can predict based on what kind of hardware is available and used in contemporary flagship smartphones. Lenovo is either going to go with MediaTek or Snapdragon, and if they want to keep their Moto fans, they’ll go with the Snapdragon 820. Most likely, we’ll have 4 GB of RAM and up to 64 gigs of internal storage to work with, but if Moto goes with the metal body, we’ll probably have to let go of the microSD slot, although I wouldn’t bet on that. Samsung included microSD slots in their most recent metal releases, so why couldn’t that be done with the Moto X 2016 design?  The battery in it should be pretty big, seeing as last year’s Moto X Play came with 3630 mAh on board. I’m betting the Moto X 2016 is going to reach 4000 mAh.

Now comes the display. We’re not sure what to expect, which is why it’s such a bummer that there’s no picture available of the Moto X 2016 front. Nonetheless, we can assume Moto to go with a 5.5-inch QuadHD display, like many of its competitors. Motorola has reported growth in revenue and a metal phone with a high-end display could fuel that growth in the smartphone market, so it would be a sensible move since people are demanding more premium phones. And in comes the price factor.

The most recent premium phones are doing so and so. The Galaxy S7 is expensive, but it’s still selling, propelling Samsung to the top of the food chain in the smartphone industry, topping Apple. The iPhone 6S and Plus are doing pretty bad, but the iPhone 6 and Plus were rather significant successes, despite their high price. HTC’s 10 flagship is one of the unexpected success stories of Q1 2016, despite the company’s disappointing earnings report. Motorola is gathering quite a lot of hype over the Moto G4, but also over their court case. Users  have filed a class action suit against Lenovo and Moto because the company is not really handling service and warranty clauses in contracts as they promised. The Moto X 2016 and Moto G4 launches are important for Lenovo to keep their fanbase and grow the company after the acquisition and many original members of the Motorola Mobility team being fired or leaving. Launching smartphones with prices that more customers can afford would be a good strategy to both appeal to new customers and keep fans. The Moto X Play price is pretty good, but the new device should be more expensive in light of these design elements and specs. Although I’m sure people would be comfortable paying a bit more for a device that looks like the leaked Moto X 2016, choosing the price will be difficult. I  think it Lenovo keeps it under $450, they’ll have another success story on their hands.

We’re not sure when we should expect the Moto X 2016 release date to come around, but it might be launched alongside the Moto G4 on May 17th. The Moto X Play was launched in August last year, so it would be significantly early. It would give the company a chance to sell quite a few units before more fierce competition comes around in the from of the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 release, which is once again rumored for August. Hopefully, we’ll soon know more and keep you updated.


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