Might & Magic Showdown Looks Like a Warhammer Board Game in Digital Format

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With all the Warhammer games coming out these days one would think we’d have at least a couple of digital versions of the original tabletop miniature games by now. Sadly, that’s not the case just yet for some reason, but it looks like we do have a very similar game now, albeit one set in a different universe altogether. Enter Might & Magic Showdown, a recently announced digital board game where players get to collect and battle using miniature versions of heroes and creatures from the Might & Magic universe. The game was announced yesterday by Ubisoft and came accompanied by a pretty neat trailer, which you can check out below.

Unlike the popular HoMM turn-based strategy series, Might & Magic Showdown features a mix of pre-planning and RTS elements that take place both before and during combat. To be a bit more specific, players are able to customize the behavior of all available units before a battle and then make decisions on what creatures they should attack once the action begins. As of right now, the pre-battle tactical component seems a lot more interesting than the actual battles, though it is worth mentioning that the game is early in development and things may very well change until the final release.

In addition to planning and combat, Might & Magic Showdown also comes with an additional feature that allows players to paint all their miniature units. This is feature very much inspired by Warhammer, however, since this is a video game, you can expect to find a bit more variety in terms of available color pallets and customization options. The painting tool is now available on Steam and can be tested for free regardless of whether or not you have the main game. Despite being on Steam, though, the tool apparently also requires UPlay in order to run, so there’s that.

Might & Magic Showdown is currently on Steam Early Access and it sounds like it’s going to remain a PC exclusive. No word yet on when to expect the final release but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out so stay tuned.



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