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League of War: VR Arena Announced

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MunkyFun, a San Francisco-based independent gamer developer, has launched League of War: VR Arena, where players can fight head-to-head against other human-rivals or battle AI opponents. The arena-game is based on the League of War franchise which is only available on PlayStation VR for this version. The $19.99 game features fast-past, 1v1 against either a AI bot or players can choose to play against a person on a Social Screen within the same room.

Who’s League of War for?

League of War: VR Arena is a strategic game made for strategic minds. The game is made with varying combinations of different paths the player can take while playing the single player campaign mode or whilst versing against other players.

No one strategy is the same. The game is designed to have a complex way of working with each time a player starts a campaign. There might be some similarities within the game’s campaign, but there are many routes to overcome and win.

What’s League of War like?

The table-stop style of League of War consists of players leading their side to overcome the opposing teams by aiming and virtually placing units on the battlefield. The goal of the game is to take down the opposing forces by destroying their towers and base. Commanders can make squads of Infantry, Tanks, Recon, Choppers, and Artillery as they progress through the story mode. With each unit the player has, the more time and energy consumption it takes to create a new squad from the spawn pads.

Users controlling the game via VR can grab units with the Move controller and place them as they wish on the field of battle. If players are using the Social Screen with DualShock controllers, they’re able to select and launch ready units.

“League of War: VR Arena gives players two great ways to engage in strategic, tabletop-style combat commanded by virtual generals: as a single player game in Campaign mode, and in head-to-head Arcade battles with a human opponent on the couch next to you via innovative use of the Social Screen. Player feedback has been tremendous with VR players and Social Screen players both having a great time.” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-founder of MunkyFun, Inc.

More on the technical side

As usual, the game has a single player campaign or an arcade mode where players can use the VR headsets and the Social Screen to maneuver their troops around the virtual table-top. To balance out the speed of VR vs Social Screen, DuelShock controllers are used if players aren’t playing the game through VR.

A little bit more to the game…

The developers of the League of War: VR Arena wanted to base the game off the mantra “simple to play, difficult to master” by introducing a range of quick decision-making aspects such as deciding to create decoys by attacking with cheaper-units, going all in with half your army ready, waiting to combine different units for a stronger attack, the list goes on.

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