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Killing Floor: Incursion and Killing Floor 2: Xbox One Updates

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There’s a new edition to the zombie apocalypse game, Killing Floor: Incursion. Tripwire Interactive has just announced the game can be purchased through steam for $39.99 USD. New DLC (Downloadable content) has also been released for owners of the current version of Killing Floor: Incursion on Oculus Rift. The DLC includes a range of things like the new Hardcore difficulty for crazed zombie lovers, a new Katana weapon, leaderboard, different achievements and the new “Holdout” game mode, where players must defend randomly selected locations on the map against waves of Zeds in an arcade-like action experience.

An update for Killing Floor: 2 has also gone out for all Xbox One owners. Players can now clear hordes of Zeds and different bosses with enhancements of graphics settings being able to set to 4k maximum resolution, increased fade-out draw distance, shadow maps and higher resolution textures.

So, what does the game play feel like for the upgraded and newly released versions of the Killing
Floor series?

Killing Floor: Incursion

The gameplay for the VR version, Killing Floor: Incursion takes players through a role of an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier, teamed up allies to fight off the Zed Hordes using a wealth of weapons from hand-held machine guns, pistols, shotguns to melee weapons like axes, blades and even leftover limbs. Players will be taken through different environments, various “fighting” locations, scavenge for different weapons and ammo. Battles will take place in high-tech facilities and creepy farmhouses to reveal the secrets behind Zeds’ origins.

Players can play alone or with a friend in the co-op mode. We wouldn’t recommend it playing alone as you might poop your pants or have another accident while playing with the VR sets.

Killing Floor: 2

Players start off somewhere in Europe after it has been taking over by murderous clones called Zed who were accidentally created by the Horzine Corporation. The timeline of the game is placed one month after the original Killing Floor where the failed experiment by the Horzine Corp. caused the destruction of London and is now causing devastation in different parts of the world while governments and military forces are collapsing and losing. Groups all around the world are now surviving on their own with bands of soldiers, civilians, and mercenaries team up to fight against the Zeds.


While Killing Floor: 2 is only for Xbox One, Killing Floor: Incursion is made for VR sets and is currently available on the Oculus Rift + Touch and HTC VIVE. The multi-million franchise, Killing Floor is a horror based genre which now adds an extra level of scary with the combined VR technology.

It’s recommended for adults only and for people who’re able to keep their wits and not lose it while playing a horror game. But if you come across a scary-cat who is willing to play one of these games, make sure they wear adult diapers in case an accident happens.



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