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Invisigun Heroes is a title that exemplifies what a party game is, both the good and bad. Two parts stealth and one part action.
Two parts stealth and one part action, Invisigun Heroes is a title that has players attempting to seek out and destroy one another as soldiers on a battlefield. What makes the title unique is the titular invisigun that all characters wield. The invisigun causes each player to passively become invisible, hence the name, unless performing certain actions like using skills or shooting. This creates battles of wit and strategy as players cannot see themselves nor the enemy. Keeping a close eye on the environment for clues as to where an opponent is and attempting to position yourself accordingly is vital to success in this title.
Invisigun Heroes king of the hill map

Enjoyable artwork lends itself to the arcade feel

While the stealth aspect does slow down the pace of matches a bit as players will often attempt to feel each other out before revealing their position for a possible kill, this does not mean that battles will take up much time. The small space of the arenas and abilities of the individual characters cause skirmishes between players to end within a minute or two. These short shootouts actually play to the game’s strength, as players can immediately get back into the action should they die in battle.

The title has several modes available to keep things interesting. These range from modes such as King of the Hill wherein players must hold an area of the map for themselves for a set time, to classic death matches. While none have anything particularly new on offer, it is still nice to be able to switch up from the standard mode from time to time.

Jumping online or playing with friends locally is a very entertaining experience and is where the game truly shines. Knowing you are outsmarting other players and being the last one standing after a frantic exchange of gunfire brings a very rewarding feeling. While there is no in-game voice chat, the experience does go up (in my opinion) when players are able to talk to one another. Party titles such as Invisigun Heroes almost seem to scream interactivity between players, which may be why local play is a tad more appealing than online play. Regardless, both provide a fun time.

While the local and online experiences are fun indeed, the single player side of Invisigun Heroes does not fare as well. In the single player mode, players are presented with challenges that must be completed on the various levels throughout the game. Now I would like to assume the challenges are varied and change up as you go through the mode, but the first dozen or so I came across all had the same frustrating objective. The game throws you into a battle in the first levels that requires you to win 5 battles IN A ROW in order to succeed. These fights all have 3 other characters for you to compete against, and even on the easiest setting this is a recipe for disaster. You can win multiple rounds in a row, only to be taken out by a stray shot that causes you to die and sends you right back to the beginning. After only a few times of this happening, I was ready to turn off the game due to how frustrating the experience was. If you were hoping for anything more than this from the single player mode, you’d be sorely mistaken, as these challenges are literally all there is in terms of a single player experience.

It would have done Invisigun Heroes a good service to have had some sort of short story campaign or a mode where you stealth your way through environments with an objective that has to be completed at the end. As it stands, you will enjoy this title considerably less if you have no internet connection or friends with which to play it with.

One issue that is also present but not necessarily the fault of the title nor its developer is that the community is lacking at the moment. I found myself waiting for very long periods of time attempting to get to into a game, often getting a message saying that the match had already started, much to my frustration. Eventually, I was able to get into matches with other players and when I did I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but the issue was still present. Hopefully by the time of this review there will be more players online, but currently all readers should be aware that it may take you some time get into games with random players online.
Invisigun Heroes Ronin character

Varied characters will allow players different strategies

Invisigun Heroes does just what any decent party game out there does; It’s extremely fun when you have others to play with and will no doubt deliver hours of fun when good friends throw jabs at one another while playing through this title. Even online, the exhilaration of playing with others can get you going and there is still much enjoyment to be had. Similarly, when there is nobody to play with, the title will likely just sit right in your library of games and collect (hypothetical) dust.

The sheer lack of things to actually get into when playing alone is what holds Invisigun Heroes up from an even higher score. While it would have been great to have a nice single player experience to go along with the excellent multiplayer, this title would likely receive a near perfect score. Unfortunately, I can’t help but mark it down a bit when this bit is holding back the title.

Invisigun Heroes is certainly not a title to pass up if you have the friends to play it with. There is undoubtedly a lot of fun to be had here and hopefully the community will grow to keep the game going for a long time to come. Sombr Studios should feel very proud of themselves for this title. It’s not a perfect game, but it is still a very solid one for those of you that enjoy playing with others.

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            • Nice concept
            • Lots of replay value
            • Excellent party game


            • Boring single player
            • Zero unlockables
            • Small community

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