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The 3rd Africa Diabetes Conference (Yaounde, March 2017)

By The Pan African Diabetes Federation

265 abstracts archived on 14 June 2017. PAMJ Conference Proceedings. 2017. 1;1

The International Conference on Non-reproduceable studies (Abuja, Jan 2016)

By The Internation Society of Non-Reproducable Study

100 abstracts archived on 15 Jan 2017. PAMJ Conference Proceedings. 2017. 1;2

The Medical Device Conference (Nairobi, Feb 2016)

By The Africa Society of Medical Devices

54 abstracts archived on 15 Nov 2017. PAMJ Conference Proceedings. 2017. 1;3

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): PAMJ - Conference Proceedings (PAMJ-CP) is a new online open access journal solely dedicated to the publication of abstracts from scientific conferences and meetings in the domains of medicine, public health, biomedical sciences or social sciences..Read more [Posted on 15 July 2017]

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The 1st Uganda National Field Epidemiology Conference

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  • The 3rd African Diabetes Conference (12 Jun 2017)
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