If Starcraft characters were real, what kind of music would they listen to?

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As a gamer and a music enthusiast, every time I think about the possibility of bringing to life gaming characters I also wonder what kind of music they would listen to based on the personality that is presented to us throughout the game. Although when it comes to the story and the complexity of the characters, Warcraft has the best I’ve ever seen simply imagining what every character would listen to in terms of music would take too long. But after Warcraft, I really do like the characters presented in Starcraft, which aren’t as many and it makes it easier and more fun to think about what would they listen to if they were real.


Jim Raynor

Raynor is most definitely a redneck at heart and most likely would lean towards country music. After having his heart broken by Sarah we can only imagine him hitting the bottle while listening to Johnny Cash – Hurt, although throughout the Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty campaign there was an option to choose the music from the jukebox and you can mostly find country, blues, rock’n’roll and many other American classics.

Sarah Kerrigan

At first, when she was an innocent girl, Sarah probably listened to very girly music alongside Nova, mostly pop music like Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. But after her transformation I can only imagine her listening to hard-core metal music, mostly bands that have a powerful women as a front vocal like OTEP or In This Moment with songs like Smash the Control Machine from OTEP, but when she is thinking about Jim she needs to listen to In This Moment – You Always Believed.


As Zeratul is a highly intelligent and calculated Protoss, he probably doesn’t listen to music that much but you’ll ever see the renowned Protoss maverick at a party he’ll be the one who asks for melodic DnB with a song like Peace from Warptech & Soulfly or Endgame from Muzzy are amongst his favorite songs. Nevertheless, I could also see him listening to some good old classical music like Mozart or Beethoven.


Although Tychus is a redneck too, he probably leans on towards more aggressive types of music like Metal. Of course, in his bad moments, he’d listen to good old country music but I mostly see him listening to Motorhead, Pantera, AC/DC, Slayer and pretty much every empowering rock band you’ve ever heard off. Tychus is always motivated to fight and kill and based on his character his favorite song is Pantera – Cowboys from Hell.


Because Protoss don’t really have an interest in music it’s hard to choose something they would relate to but when it comes to Artanis he’d go with a darker sound combined with some rap. As Artanis is very obsessed with unity and spirituality, I can imagine him enjoying Jedi Mind Tricks, La Coka Nostra or Immortal Technique. By far I lean towards Artanis listening to Army of the Pharaohs – Seven.



As a tyrant. Mengsk has to associate music with a source of hate and empowerment to do evil. As villains are usually too self-absorb and always thinking about their evil plans they don’t really listen to music but if Mengsk would I can only see him coming down on Dimmu Borgir or other death metal bands. The song I can associate with someone like Arcturus Mengsk is Dimmu Borgir’s – Mourning Palace.

Prince Valerian

Because daddy’s little boy isn’t as evil as he was supposed to be he might actually be a decent human being who enjoys his afternoons while listening to boy bands. The influence of his father made Prince Valerian to tend to his emotions more which led to a passion for bands like Backstreet Boys, N’Sync or Blue. After his father betrayed him, he probably started obsessing about Sir Elton John feature Blue – Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Honorable mentions:

Gabriel Tosh: Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

Nova: Beyonce – Single Ladies

Zagara: Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

Banelings: Limp Bizkit – Rollin’


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