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Ever Needed to Spy on Someone’s Texts? Here’s How

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Face it, we live in a mobile phone world now. Most people are constantly on their phones playing mobile games, watching videos, on a phone call, or any other form of entertainment. According to the internet research company Pew, almost 80% of mobile users use textx services for promoting business, products, or for personal interests.

Text messaging still seems to be the number 1 form of communication even after all the forms of social media. Texting still is a leader in personal and professional communication. This makes it a keen task for people to try to read other’s text messages, but why? Maybe someone thinks their partner is cheating, or they want to know what their anniversary surprise is ahead of time because the anticipation is killing them. Whatever the reason, we have laid out some of the ways in which you can discreetly read someone’s texts.

SMS tracker App

Wondering how to read someone else’s texts secretly? The sms tracker app will do just that. All you need is the IMEI code of their phone when you register for the app. This app is completely undetectable and will allow text message tracking, GPS location, and browsing history all in real time. You do not even need physical access to the phone anymore! Talk about spying, this is probably the best route to go.

Copy9 Spy App

This app allows you to spy online. You will also be able to look through the whole phone, not just text messages. The app transmits data from the users phone to your Copy9 Spy app online so that you are tracking their phone in real time. Best of all, it has a free trial before you buy it.

DDI Utilities

This is yet another spy app you can use. This app also allows constant spying of texts, phone calls, gps location, facebook, twitter, etc. The app also serves both Android and Apple.


There are many spy apps out there that anyone can use. It just comes down to your personal preferences and the userface of the apps. Some apps are easier to navigate than others. I’d suggest doing a free trial on a few to test them out and see which one you really like.



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