How to Manage Android on Your Computer

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Smartphones took over the world with their latest technology and the ability to perform all the tasks required in your daily life. Factually, every task that you can do on your computer can be done on smartphones as well. But nothing can provide the comfort of working on a desktop computer due to its easement.

So wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to manage Android on the computer? Imagine adding and editing contacts on PC, sending and receiving messages from your system, creating a backup of your phone and later restore it on another smartphone. Sounds very unrealistic, right?

Well then, brace yourself because in this tutorial, we will show you how to manage your whole Android on desktop computer or laptop.

With Android Manager, you can manage your entire Android smartphone from PC. Whether you want to create backup, transfer messages, add new contacts, root your phone or install and play Android apps, you can perform all these tasks inside Android Manager. In addition, if you buy a new exciting smartphone then you can even transfer all the files from your old phone to the new one without copying them in your PC. Android Manager can literally create a bridge connection between smartphones for transferring data.

Key Features:

  • Import and export over 43+ data types with a single click. File types include music, photos, videos, memes, reminders, notes, etc.
  • Backup your old Android smartphone and restore it to any other Android phone.
  • Root your device in one click and enjoy all the benefits of rooting your phone.
  • Backup contacts and messages and save them to your PC.
  • Send text messages directly from PC.
  • Mirror your Android device and play everything on the computer in real time.
  • Receive real time notifications on your computer for all the activities happening on your phone.
  • Boost up your smartphone’s speed by up to 200%.
  • Clear junk and useless files in one click and create free space in seconds.
  • Connect your phone to PC with USB or over Wi-Fi.

Pricing & Compatibility.

Android Manager has both Mac and Windows versions available to give you the best experience. It is even supported with the latest Windows 10 as well as Mac OS X 10.6.

From the features, you might have already realized the true power of this tool. It is free to try but to unlock all the features you will have to pay a one time fee to register the software. But it is not overpriced at all and it is available at a very affordable cost. Additionally, you can catch occasional discounts and save some money.

Android Manager does come with money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied but we are glad to say that Android Manager has over 1 million happy customers who left satisfactory reviews.

What kind of smartphones does Android Manager support?

Android Manager supports a wide range of Android smartphones such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Google, LG and over 8000+ brands and models. In short, all Android phones will work smoothly.

How to backup Android with Android Manager?

Firstly, download the newest version of Android Manager and install it on your Windows or Mac PC. Next, create a connection between your phone and Android Manager with the help of a USB data cable or connect them both under the same Wi-Fi network. If you have done this part successfully, then your phone will appear on the software screen.

To back up your device, click on “One-time Backup” button on the home screen. A new pop up window will appear, simply select the output folder and click on “Back up” again to save it on your PC. If you didn’t choose a destination folder then it will save on the following location by default:

C:\Users\Administrator\My Documents \Android Manager\Backup

How to restore Android from the backup file?

Similarly, restoring the backup file on any other Android phone is also easy. But first, you will need to root your device by clicking on “One-Click Root”.

After that go to the Super Toolkit section and select “Restore”.

A new window will open and you will have to locate the Backup file from your PC. Choose the file types that you wish to restore like contacts, pictures, videos, notes, etc. and hit the “Restore” button again to recover all the files from the backup file.

How to add and edit contacts with Android Manager?

From the sidebar, click on “Contacts” and it should display all the contacts from your phone. Simply click on the “New” icon and you should be seeing all the options to edit like name, number, email, etc.

Make the required changes and save it.


From this article, you have already observed how many tasks you can perform from your computer effortlessly. Android Manager is actually a handy tool that everyone should use in their lives. Moreover, you can manage multiple devices at once with the same program without any additional charge. And if you are facing any trouble, then don’t forget to contact the dedicated support staff who are eager to help you as soon as possible.



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