Grab a Couple of John Wick 2 Tickets With the Latest Humble Bundle

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The Humble Bundle is always a great proposition for anyone looking to grab a bunch of cheap games in one go. In the near future, though, it seems like the popular bundle might extend to also include movie tickets. While we don’t know if we can expect this to become a trend, the company has already announced a bundle that features two tickets to the upcoming John Wick 2. The highly anticipated movie starring Keanu Reeves is scheduled to hit North American theaters on February 10 and the two tickets are available as part of the new Starbreeze Humble Bundle. As you might imagine, there are also a number of games included, with the tickets being available as part of the bundle’s final tier.

As always, the first tier of the Humble Bundle follows the “pay what you want” model and offers Payday 2 along with The Bomb Heist and John Wick Weapon Pack DLCs, as well as the Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks. For $6 or more, gamers can expect to get Payday 2 Game of the Year Edition and a number of masks, including Electarodent, Titan, Orc, Crossbreed, and the E3 Mask pack. Pay $14 or more and you can unlock Dead by Daylight along with all of the above. Then, for $25 you can also secure a pre-order for the upcoming HTC Vive exclusive VR game John Wick Chronicles. Finally, the last tier of the Starbreeze Humble Bundle will set you back $45 and includes all of the above plus two movie tickets to John Wick: Chapter 2.

It’s worth noting that the final tier is only available to US residents, so you might want to get your tickets elsewhere if you live in a different region. Despite that and the fact that you need an HTC Vive in order to play John Wick Chronicles, the latest Humble Bundle still offers great value for anyone interesting in Payday 2 or anyone looking to check out the infamous Dead by Daylight.



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