Get 15% Off Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray from Target

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The last time a fresh Star Wars movie released to video was back in November 2005, and today marks Star Wars: The Force Awakens release to Blu-ray almost a decade later. The disc is selling for $19.99 on Amazon, Best Buy, and all the major retailers, but we found a discount!

Target is the culprit in question. While they wouldn’t dare discount The Force Awakens on their own retail website, they did a “back-door deal” on their eBay store page. There, the Blu-ray has a 15% discount to only $16.99.

While the savings may not seem huge, there is almost a hidden shipping discount here. Ordering the Blu-ray directly from Target would incur a $5 shipping charge unless your total order was $25 or more. Buying this $16.99 Blu-ray from Target’s eBay page, however, ships free. It’s a strange deal of sort, but this has been a common way major retailers throw up discounts on hot new products while semi-circumventing list price on new titles (the same applies to video games).

The deal isn’t expected to show up at a retailer Target store until months later, so if you can’t wait- this is probably the best price for a Blu-ray copy of The Force Awaken you’ll see in the near future.

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