Games Of Glory First Impressions – More Than Just Another MOBA

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The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has grown to become what some believe to be the most popular game genre of the past decade. Attracting millions of players worldwide, the MOBA paved the way for modern eSports which provided many opportunities for innovation in the gaming industry. Seeking to take part in this innovation, the indie development team “Lightbulb Crew” set out, creating the new alternative MOBA, Games of Glory. Does it have what it takes to take the already great MOBA and make it better?

At first glance, Games of Glory seems just like any other MOBA to add the to the ever growing list of titles in the genre. The player controls a single character, pitted against a team of opponents. Use your skills wisely, work as a team to gain the advantage, and ultimately win. Though at first it seems generic, Games of Glory adds something excitingly different into the mix. As opposed to simply adding a new game mode, Games of Glory goes a step further, revamping the core mechanics of how MOBA combat should be.

Games of Glory sells itself as a free to play, cross-platform “top-down third-person shooter MOBA” and it proves to be a very adept description. Taking everything you love from your favorite traditional MOBA and amping it up with and action-packed combat system. All while maintaining the focus on strategy and team cooperation, Games of Glory still fully utilizes an action combat system reminiscent of team action games such as Helldivers. Using WASD/point and click (Mouse), or “dual stick” (Controller) controls, controlling your character feels very natural, which is important to keep up with the fast-paced combat. After one very brief tutorial video, you will be ready to battle in one of Games of Glory’s two game modes.

The majority of MOBAs available today feature multiple game types, and Games of Glory is no exception, featuring two. The first of the two called Dominion, designed for 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 matches, is by far the more generic. Players will battle over the control of three nodes. The more nodes under control by a given team, the more damage the opposing team’s shield takes. Once the shield is finally destroyed, your team must cut through a layer of turrets, gaining access to the energy core. Destroy the enemy’s energy core to win! Dominion may not sound like the revolutionary mode, but Lightbulb Crew still found a way to make it unique. No more mindless minion farming! That’s right, Game of Glory cuts out senseless minion farming in all modes! Start a match, quickly buy items, and at level one players are already locked in epic PvP combat.


Svandia, the map used in the Superstar game mode

The Second, more unique game mode is called Superstar. The Superstar game mode is designed for teams of three but is supported in both 2v2 and 1v1 custom matches. Players will compete in multiple short, one to two-minute rounds where one team member is assigned as the “Superstar.” The goal is to work together to kill the enemy team’s superstar all while protecting your own. The team whose superstar survives wins the round, and the first team to five round victories wins the match. Team composition and strategy is vital, teamwork begins in hero select, choose wisely to have the best chance in these brutally fast-paced team fights.

As of now, Games of Glory has 15 unique characters called clones, that will be available at launch. Each clone fills one of five vital roles and playstyles: support, tank, scout, assassin, and carry. But the clone customization doesn’t end there. Each clone can be armed with one free-aiming ranged weapon and one melee weapon. These weapons include devastating shotguns, precise sniper rifles, longswords, massive axes and everything in-between. Games of Glory boasts a total of 50 weapons. Combining that with multiple different upgrade paths and the ability to synergize both a clone’s melee and ranged weapons, opens up a nearly endless range of arsenal possibilities. This promises that no two games will be exactly alike, as each clone can be built and geared in a large variety of ways.


By far the largest community complaint about Games of Glory is regarding the matchmaking system. First and foremost it takes forever! During the three-day closed beta, my personal average time spent waiting in queue for a match was 18 minutes. This is nearly torture, considering matches take an equal amount of time, though it is somewhat understandable during a “semi-closed” beta test. There were also some lag issues, which after reading through community comments, seemed to be more centralized in the North American region. The last complaint comes straight from the menus. MOBAs are designed for team play with friends, so why are the only buttons in the play menu for a solo quick match or a custom game? Either a party system or a queue with friends button is standard for ease of use.

By far the good things to say about Games of Glory outweigh the bad. A free to play game with cross-platform capabilities speaks for itself. The thrilling combat will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you’ll find yourself wanting more of this addicting gameplay. Sadly the only information given regarding a release date is an exceptionally vague tweet, which remarked “soon.” With a little polish, Games of Glory could become a staple in the MOBA genre. By the time an official full release comes around, expect to see good things from Games of Glory.

Keep and eye out for more information to take part in the Games of Glory on their official website! Gather your friends on PlayStation 4 and PC alike and prepare for epic battles! See you in the arena!

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