What Game Genre Took the Lead in 2017?

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Most gamers prefer playing online these days since the internet is available almost everywhere. Games played online are a great venture to which millions of viewers have become addicted to. The earnings from the gaming industry skyrocket every year and there is much more to come in the future. Video games are the leading game genre in the year 2017. The video game industry has advanced so much since its inception in 1970 and it is expected to be worth so much in the future.

Here are the reasons why video games are doing so well in 2017

  1. Improvements in mobile games

Mobile games are easily accessible online. You no longer require a PC in order to download a video game. This flexibility has made it easy for everyone to familiarize themselves with the games since they are similar to the ones played in casinos. Pokemon Go has also added so much to the advancement of mobile games.

  1. Availability in many formats

Video games can come in various formats. Whether you are using a laptop, a standalone game console or a smartphone, you will be able to access the game you want. Having these games in many formats was made possible by analysts or testers who perform compatibility testing. If analysts and testers wouldn’t be there, the same games would not be available both on a laptop and on a smartphone at the same time.

  1. Availability of free to play games

Novices mostly like to practice before they purchase a game. A majority of developers and reliable casinos like online casino mr green have a way in which novices can practice for free.  One of the ways is through playing free slots without having to register or download. This is what has led to more people playing video games.

  1. Powerful hardware

Hardware manufacturers like HTC and Sony were the ones leading the manufacturing of hardware in 2016. This added to the advancement of the video game revenue. These two manufacturers offer high-quality hardware, which has the ability to support video games applications. This translates to good quality gaming.

  1. PC gaming has advanced

Powerful graphics have been designed to support what others provide online. The introduction of generaTon, for instance, has changed a lot of things. There is a forty percent graphics efficiency boost and a twenty percent power consumption reduction. This contributes so much to the rise of PC gaming.

  1. Inspiring teaching and engaging audience

Video games teach and offer inspiration and engagement at the same time. It is not easy to get all these together in real life. This is the main reason why more people are playing these games.

If all the above trends continue, the rise in the demand of video games will become inevitable. With so many developers out there, new ideas will be generated every day and the huge appetite for video games will never die.

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