Galaxy Note 6 release date scheduled for August according to insider

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is the upcoming flagship from the South Korean company that is supposed to be the successor of last year’s Note 5. The Galaxy Note 5 was launched in August 2015 and it looks like history is repeating itself. Evan Blass, a formidable leakster who is almost never in the wrong, has confirmed via his Twitter account that the Galaxy Note 6 release date is indeed scheduled for August, sometime in the middle of the month, most likely on August 15.

There’s a lot of excitement around the Galaxy Note 6 release, as fans and insiders are expecting major changes to the new handset, including a new curved waterproof design, 4K display, Snapdragon 823 CPU, 6 GB RAM, up to 256 GB internal storage, a new and improved 12 MP camera that’s supposed to be even better and faster than the one we can find on the Galaxy S7, a new S Pen stylus, a TouchWiz overhaul, USB  Type-C and a massive 4000 mAh battery.

Even though there are a few months left until the Galaxy Note 6 release date comes around, it’s relieving to know that we’ll be getting a successor to one of the most successful handsets on the market early on. Until August, companies like OnePlus and Motorola will be launching their own handsets, such as the OnePlus 3 and new Moto X Vertex and Vector Thin. Nonetheless, with an August launch, the Galaxy Note 6 will get ahead of Apple’s September launch event, at which the Cupertino company is expected to launch both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Pro, supposedly a direct competitor to the Note 6.

Since Evan Blass is one of the most trustworthy insiders around, it’s more than likely that he got the Galaxy Note 6 release date right, since he already nailed other releases and specs before. We’re definitely excited about the Note 6 and we’ve already compiled a wishlist and comparison that suggests what kind of features fans could expect of the new productivity machine. What’s on your wishlist for the Galaxy Note 6? Be honest, though.


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