First Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void GSL Championship has started

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Code A has started! If by some reason you don’t know what Code A is, you’re probably not a StarCraft fan. It’s the place where all good StarCraft players gather to qualify for Code S and try to conquer the title of the best StarCraft 2 player, at least for a season. It’s a new day and year for StarCraft 2 players, as Legacy of the Void made the game better than ever, the new expansion actually changed the game-style leading to a whole new version of StarCraft 2. Nonetheless, Legacy of the Void is a stand-alone game and it doesn’t disappoint as it made the StarCraft 2 experience more challenging.

The reason why this particular Code A is more special than previous versions is that it’s the first GSL championship held with the newly launched game. To make this quick, in Code A you have to win one match to qualify for Code S which is basically the big leagues for StarCraft professionals. However, with the changing of the game our all-time favorite GSL players had to adapt, which makes it even more exciting as we get to see their real potential and also makes room for new players who might get the chance to prove themselves.

For the first time in forever, there are more Terrans and Zergs than Protoss. This doesn’t happen very often. Some of the players that you should be looking for in the new StarCraft 2 GSL season are the guys who changed from WCS to GSL. I personally want to see JaeDong do well, just because now I can say that he will try and become better and maybe get to have a GSL title under his belt in StarCraft 2. Some of the other players that are just too good to be in Code A and surely will steamroll through their opponents are GuMiho, Bbyong, Bomber, Taeja, HerO, INnoVation, Soulkey.

But there are some matches that are very difficult to predict, like TY vs Patience, Dear vs sOs, Maru vs Zest and I bet these are going to be the best matches from Code A. Either way, if anybody from these matches is going to lose it is going to be a big disappointment for Code S because as we all know, the best and most memorable matches happen in Code S. Code A is just a training ground for some people, but for these particular matches it is going to be a fight for their lives, or at least for their rightful place in Code S.

With that being said, 8 January 2016 was the first day of Code A from which aLive, Cure and Dream, surprisingly three Terrans have already made it to Code S and other matches are going to be held on different days until 5 February, you can check them out here so you can tune on to Twitch to see the matches. Although I’ll probably watch the whole Code A matches, I am really waiting for 3 February when JaeDong goes up against Leenock and maybe makes it to Code S.

Besides the winners of today, Code S already had 2 players qualified from 2016 Global StarCraft II League Pre-Season which was held online over the course of 2 weeks were each week, 16 players went through a single elimination bracket to win a seat in Code S. The winner of the first week was herO and in the second week MyuNgSiK managed to win against TY and earn his place into Code S.


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