The First Full-length Game Developed by G2A Will Be a World War II FPS

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G2A is a well-known marketplace where gamers can buy and sell any number of digital titles at great prices. More recently, however, the company decided that it wants to have a bigger impact on the industry, and what better way to do that than creating your own games? The first game currently in development at G2A will be a World War II first-person shooter known as Blunt Force. The FPS is reportedly a VR experience created in collaboration with Hollywood screenwriter Mark Bristol, best known for his work on Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, and Maleficent, among other popular movies.

Unlike most shooters set during that period, Blunt Force focuses just as much on exploration as it does on killing bad guys. According to G2A, the game will be split into two main components, each with its own storyline. On one hand, players will be able to jump into a VR recreation of World War II and shoot Nazis to their heart’s content. On the other hand, Blunt Force also offers a separate experience that takes place before WWII and focuses entirely on exploration during peacetime.

As for the actual FPS component, G2A says that players can expect two game modes at launch – arcade and challenge. The arcade mode seems to be oriented more towards inexperienced players and will feature simplified shooting mechanics and easy objectives. If that doesn’t sound particularly exciting don’t worry because Blunt Force’s challenge mode is said to be a lot more complex and will include harder to hit targets along with additional weapon mechanics.

G2A confirmed that Blunt Force will be an episodic game, with its first episode scheduled to launch sometime in 2017.

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