Fallout 4 Far Harbor – A guide to all the new unique weapons and where to find them

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The good folks over at Bethesda sure weren’t kidding when they said that Far Harbor is the biggest Fallout 4 expansion and that it rivals even the likes of Oblivion’s Shivering Isles. The recently launched DLC is all that and more as it introduces a large new landmass, plenty of new quests, characters, weapons, armor, monsters, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Today we’re going to be looking at all the new unique weapons introduced in Far Harbor in order to help you start off your journey on the right foot across the mysterious island. You’ll probably going to come across at least a few of these weapons just by following the main story, however, if you’re a Fallout 4 completionist chances are that you’ll want to read on because many of these items are pretty well hidden and difficult to find unless you’re the type who searches every little nook and cranny. The stats of all these weapons will vary depending on your character level and mods so just keep that in mind.

Admiral’s Friend and The Fish Catcher


The Admiral’s Friend and The Fish Catcher are two unique weapons that you can get almost right off the bat after arriving in Far Harbor. The first one is a harpoon gun, which is a new weapon type in Fallout 4, and features a pretty powerful effect that allows it to do double damage to targets that are at full health. You can purchase the Admiral’s Friend from Allen in Far Harbor but make sure to also buy some harpoons to go with it. Just like all the other harpoon guns in Fallout 4, the Admiral’s Friend only has a clip size of 1 so make sure to use it on large, slow-moving targets and preferably get a good first hit to take advantage of the weapon’s special effect. Since you’re trading with Allen you might also want to buy from him The Fish Catcher, a new unique melee weapon. The Fish Catcher looks identical to a regular pool hook – another new weapon type introduced by Far Harbor – but comes with a special enhancement that makes it use 40% fewer Action Points in V.A.T.S.

Old Reliable and Sargeant Ash


Since we’re talking about buying unique weapons from vendors, know that you can also buy a couple of them from Dejen over in Acadia. The first one is Old Reliable, which is one of the most powerful weapons in Far Harbor in my opinion thanks to its enhancement. Old Reliable is a lever-action rifle that shoots two projectiles at once much like Overseer’s Guardian from the base Fallout 4 game. What’s even better is that the second shot won’t actually consume any ammo, which is a good thing too since Old Reliable uses the new .45-70 ammo type which is in short supply when you start Far Harbor. Dejen also sells a unique flamer called Sargeant Ash, which comes with a 20% chance of crippling the target’s leg. Flamers aren’t usually very useful in Fallout 4 due to their short range and limited supply of flamer fuel, however, Sargeant Ash might be worth getting regardless as it is very effective against groups of unarmored targets such as Feral Ghouls, of which there are many across the island of Far Harbor.

The Striker


This next one is more of a novelty item than a practical weapon but it still has its uses nevertheless. The Striker is a unique Fat Man that shoots modified bowling balls instead of Mini Nukes and has a 50% chance of crippling the target’s leg. You can acquire this weapon from an office in Beaver Creek Lanes, just south of Far Harbor, where you will also find some ammo along with instructions at the nearby terminal on how to create your own modified bowling balls at a Chemistry Station. The Striker can be modded to use Mini Nukes and act as a regular Fat Man launcher, though that would defeat the whole purpose of this weapon and remove the unique sound effect. Keeping in line with the whole bowling theme, you will sometimes hear a “strike!” sound when you hit and NPC with The Striker, which is an idea similar to the “choo choo” sound made by the Railway Rifle from the base Fallout 4 game.



The Bloodletter is similar to The Fish Catcher in the sense that it is a unique pole hook, however, this one has a special effect that causes targets to bleed for 25 points of additional damage. This weapon is arguably not that useful when compared to most of the others in Far Harbor but if you plan on getting it anyway know that you’ll first need to complete a lengthy quest called Blood Tide that will have you clearing out locations all over the island. The quest is given by Cassie Dalton in Far Harbor who will also give you the unique weapon once your mission is done, along with a total of about 1000 caps and access to the Dalton Farm settlement. All in all, it’s worth going through all the trouble in order to get all the rewards even if the Bloodletter might not be the best weapon in Fallout 4.

Butcher’s Hook


Yet another melee weapon, the Butcher’s Hook is a unique meat hook that refills the user’s action points on critical hits. The weapon can be purchased from a Super Mutant called Erikson who lives among the wreckage of Horizon Flight 1207, which is located northwest of Acadia. There’s not a whole of other interesting stuff around that area but Erikson also sells guard dogs for 250 caps each, including a mutant hound, so you may want to look into that as well while you’re there.

The Harvester


This one is a unique ripper that you can get by looting the red steamer trunk found at Echo Lake Lumber. The location is found northwest of The Nucleus and is part of a quest called Turn Back The Fog given by Small Bertha, though you can come here to get the modified ripper even if you don’t have the quest. As for the weapon itself, The Harvester features the Staggering effect, which true to its name, gives the user a chance to stagger its target with every hit.

Kiloton Radium Rifle


Just like its name suggests this is a unique radium rifle, a new type of weapon introduced in Far Harbor. The Kiloton Radium Rifle is a very powerful weapon that deals both ballistic and radiation damage while also inflicting 15 points of explosive AoE damage thanks to its special enhancement. Acquiring the gun is pretty simple as you just have to buy it from Kane at The Nucleus, however, you will first need to complete a quest given by Grand Zealot Richter before you can be accepted into the Children of Atom and consequently their weapons vendor, Kane. The Kiloton Radium Rifle can be extremely devastating if modded into a fully automatic rifle and you’re unlikely to run out of ammo either as the weapon uses .45 ammo, which is quite common all throughout the world of Fallout 4.

December’s Child and Radical Conversion


December’s Child is a unique combat rifle that features multiple enhancements, including 25% faster fire rate and 15% faster reload speed. The rifle is also lighter than its regular counterparts and uses the 5.56 mm ammo type instead of the .45 like most combat rifles. All these proprieties make December’s Child a pretty unique weapon, however, it can be quite a hassle to get it because it is located deep inside the Vim Pop! factory (southeast of The Nucleus). The factory is absolutely swarming with Super Mutants but if you manage to get to the bottom floor look for an elevator located behind a terminal that will take you to the basement. Once there’s you’ll need to interact with an AI and pass a speech check or bring Nick Valentine with you in order to be granted access to the room where you can find December’s Child. Since you’re going to the Vim Pop! factory anyway, you may first want to grab the Ablutions quest from Sister May over at The Nucleus, which has you looking for a pump regulator within the factory. Once the item has been found, return to May and she will give you a unique radium rifle called Radical Conversion, which has the ability to ignore 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance.

Atom’s Judgement


Yet another unique weapon related to the Children of Atom, this unique super sledge hammer is given to the player by Grand Zealot Richter as a reward for completing a quest called The Heretic. This is one of those quests that can have multiple outcomes but don’t worry because you’ll get the weapon regardless of how you decide to go about it. Atom’s Judgement is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Fallout 4 and certainly the most powerful in Far Harbor thanks to its enhancement, which adds +100 radiation damage to the sledge hammer. Depending on your level and perks, the hammer may already have very impressive damage even without the enhancement by the time you reach Far Harbor and it’s worth noting that Atom’s Judgement also deals regular damage, though radiation is definitely its bread and butter. While a lot of creatures are immune to radiation damage, humans are not, so if you’re looking to one-shot some raiders this is definitely the weapon for you. In addition, the sledge hammer also features a unique design and leaves a glowing green trail whenever you swing it, making Atom’s Judgement one of the most interesting weapons in Far Harbor.



The Fencebuster is a unique baseball bat that comes equipped with the same special effect as Radical Conversion, meaning that it ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance. In order to acquire it, you’ll first need to speak with Pearl in Far Harbor who will ask you to meet her in front of the Cliff”s Edge Hotel, located just west of the town. After making your way through the hordes of Feral Ghouls together with Pearl you will eventually reach the entrance to Vault 118 where you are greeted by another Mr. Handy and are asked to solve a murder mystery, which starts the quest Brain Dead. It turns out that the Fencebuster is actually the murder weapon and you will find it in a corner of the atrium while investigating the crime scene.

Skipper’s Last Stand


Another unique harpoon gun, Skipper’s Last Stand is one of the most difficult weapons to acquire in Far Harbor due to the fact that you will need a fair amount of luck to start the quest that ultimately ends with you getting the weapon. Specifically, the quest that goes by the name of Shipbreaker and has you hunting a legendary Fog Crawler bearing the same name is triggered randomly while you’re exploring Far Harbor. Unfortunately, thus far it is unknown if there is something specific you can do to increase your chances of triggering the quest. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also worth noting that Shipbreaker is extremely challenging so make sure you are well prepared before going into the battle. If you manage to trigger the quest and slay the best report back to Longfellow for the reward consisting of Skipper’s Last Stand , a unique weapon that gives you +150 damage resistance while reloading, which you’ll definitely going to need because harpoon guns take a very long time to reload and only have a clip size of 1.

Lucky Eddy


Last but not least we have Lucky Eddy, a unique lever-action rifle that provides the player with a +2 Luck bonus while equipped. I wanted to talk about this one last because you will only be able to acquire it near the end of the Far Harbor DLC so it’s probably a good idea to get all the other unique weapons first. The way you acquire this weapon is by following the main story until you get the quest The Way Life Should Be, which basically involves destroying the synth settlement of Arcadia along with all its inhabitants. Upon completion, you just need to return to Allen in Far Harbor and he will reward you with Lucky Eddy for a job well done. Just like in the main Fallout 4 game, the Far Harbor DLC has multiple endings and not all of them involve destroying Acadia, so it will be up to you to decide if Lucky Eddy is worth going down that path. Needless to say, you should complete any quests given by the NPCs in Acadia before destroying it, as all the synths will become hostile once you start to attack them and you will fail any unresolved quests.



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