Cross Platform Mobile Games: Do They Still have a Place in Today’s Gaming World?

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Things were much clearer back in the day, before the age of the smartphone. The majority of PC games were designed to run on Windows, and for browser games we had Flash. Before the late 2000s, mobile gaming was virtually non-existent – but things have changed in 2008 when the first iPhone was sold. From that moment, mobile gaming became the new norm, taking the gaming industry by storm. The majority of smartphone games are native apps, running on one operating system or another. The world of mobile gaming doesn’t have an option for browser games like the PC gaming world had back in the day. Or does it? Today we have HTML5 which, combined with JavaScript, can serve as a game development platform for any operating system. Still, the question is if browser games have a place in today’s gaming world?

Forced to be different

The gaming industry has one major branch – one that’s often considered not to be part of it – that is forced to offer its mobile players a browser-based solution. It’s called iGaming, and it involves real money bets placed on a series of games of chance – slot machines, blackjack, and their likes. If you visit wildjackcasino from a mobile device, you’ll see that it doesn’t prompt you to download and install an app. Instead, the Wild Jack Mobile will allow you to create an account – or log on with the existing one you created on a PC – and start playing right away. It doesn’t even have a smartphone app – all of the games at the Wild Jack run perfectly well in a mobile or desktop browser window. The Wild Jack has implemented this innovative way to offer a mobile version to its players, not by choice but forced by the circumstances – in this case, the Play Store’s stance on real money gaming apps.

It would’ve certainly been easier for real money gaming operators to release native apps, like social casinos such as Slotomania or DoubleDown have. Google, in turn, made it clear repeatedly that it is not gambling-friendly. Poker sites, sportsbooks, and online casinos are allowed to list their apps on Apple’s App Store, but not on Google’s Play Store. This has forced operators to find alternative solutions – and the best one was to implement a cross-platform, HTML5-powered one.

Browser games have their place in the modern gaming world

Native mobile apps are the norm, but browser-based solutions still have their place in the mobile gaming world. And browser-based mobile games are not restricted to specific industries only – portals like GameMix offer players hundreds of instant mobile games to play in their smartphone browsers. And most of them are quite challenging, and fun to play, too!

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