Frequently asked questions

1. What is PAMJ - Conference Proceedings?

PAMJ - Conference Proceedings (PAMJ-CP) is a new online open access journal solely dedicated to the publication of abstracts from scientific conferences and meetings in the domains of medicine, public health, biomedical sciences or social sciences.

2. What do we publish?

PAMJ-CP publishes only abstracts of scientific conferences or meeting submitted as either posters, oral presentations, symposiums etc.... The journal do not publish single abstracts or abstracts submitted out of the framework of a scientific conference.

3. Do we publish in English only?

No, we publish abstracts in English and French only.

4. How do we get our conference contents published ?

PAMJ-CP was designed to complete the PAMJ Conference Management System (PAMJ-CMS). Ideally, conference abstracts will be submitted to the journal through the PAMJ Conference Management System. However, we can publish conference abstracts that have not been managed through the PAMJ Conference Management System. Contact for more.

5. What kind of conference material do you publish?

Essentially abstracts of posters, short presentation, symposium or any other scientific outputs from a conference

6. Can you publish the proceedings of conference that took place several years ago?

Yes, even if the conference took place in the past, we can have its contents indexed in PAMJ-PC as long as it has not yet been published elsewhere and is less than 3 years old from the date the request is made. Contact for more.

7. Is there a limit in the number of abstracts that can be published for a single conference?

No, there is no limit on the number of abstracts that can be published. All the abstracts accepted for the conference will be published.

8. Is the contents of PAMJ-CP peer reviewed?

We do not conduct internal or external peer review of conference material submitted for consideration in PAMJ - CP. We assume and will request to see proofs that the abstracts have been reviewed and the scientific contents cleared by the conference/meetings scientific committee or equivalent.

9. Is the contents of PAMJ - CP freely accessible?

Yes, all abstracts published in PAMJ-CP are open access.

10. Can I as an individual submit my abstract for publication in PAMJ - CP?

No, PAMJ-CP publishes only entire conference contents, not single abstracts from individuals.

11. In what format are articles published in PAMJ-CP

Two formats will be delivered for all abstract: html and PDF

12. Is a conference abstract book also provided?

Yes, the conference book (compilation of all abstracts and conference program) will be published alongside the abstract.

13. Is PAMJ-CP contents Open Access?

Yes, the contents of PAMJ-CP is open access and freely accessible online. Check our copyright policy here.

14. How much does it cost to publish in PAMJ-CP

Publishing a conference in PAMJ-CP is currently free for all conferences that have taken place in Africa, irrespective of the number of abstracts. This offer will be extended until Dec 2018. For conferences outside Africa, a processing charge of $US 5000 will apply, irrespective of the number of abstracts.

15. What is the PAMJ Conference Management System?

The PAMJ Conference Management System (PAMJ CMS) is an online system specifically designed to manage scientific conferences/meetings workflow from call for abstracts, conference registration management, submission of abstracts, peer review, communication with authors, planning and organization of sessions and tracks, one-click conference program design and print, real-time communicat

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