Choosing a Gaming Chair: Consoles vs PC

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For gaming, how you sit and/ or stand is vital. Most people into gaming go at it for hours, which can potentially be a strain on your bones and joints and can even restrict your blood flow. Although health is a key consideration, it is important for people who are gaming to be comfortable too. What you sit your booty on while you play Mass Effect or Overwatch is ultimately up to you — whether it is on the floor, sofa or gaming chair, being comfortable is essential.

Gaming Chairs for PC

First, let us explore gaming chairs for PCs. These chairs have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with just about every YouTube gaming celebrity showcasing their latest chair on their videos. Designed with long gaming sessions in mind, most have plenty of different settings and features that allow you to change positions to make you more comfortable. Many include adjustable lumbar cushions and headrests for optimal comfort. Generally speaking, it’s like having a high-end office chair designed with a gaming aesthetic, which is ideal for most PC gamers.

Another common option for PC gamers is the standard swivel computer chair. While not as fashionable in the gaming community, function over style is often the case for office chairs and you can often get a great deal on a comfortable chair. Your options are generally more varied as well, from entry level equipment up to really high-end ergonomic equipment. If you’re less concerned with style or are on a tight budget, a standard office chair is ideal in many cases.

Console Gaming Chairs

Segueing into chairs for consoles, the options are a little more varied as it’s not necessary to be at a desk. It can include standard recliners, beanbag chairs, and floor level chairs depending on your needs and wants. Many also come with wireless surround sound and vibration functions built in, which can add to the overall experience.

Console focused chairs are generally more living room friendly than PC chairs, with many going for the recliner style. They often offer storage space underneath as well, which can be a handy way of keeping the room tidy and keeping your accessories close at hand. Some are even foldable to allow you to store them away when you’re not playing, which is ideal for those lacking space.

Console Chair Challenges

The challenge facing console gaming chairs really comes down to how necessary they are and justifying the expense of the purchase. PC gamers can justifiably say that they need to be at a desk most of the time when they’re playing, so it’s often a case of choosing between a standard office chair or something more tailored towards gamers. For console gaming you can usually sit in the same place you’d watch TV, so spending the money on a specific chair can become a little harder to talk yourself into.

Deciding on a gaming chair is ultimately a question of preference and budget. It’s not an essential purchase by any means, particularly for console gamers. But it can definitely improve your gaming experience, provide a comfortable place to spend your gaming hours and even help prevent issues with your back and shoulders.



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