The Cheapest Fare to Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind is on PC

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Buying your Elder Scrolls Online ticket to the Morrowind Upgrade? Early access began on Monday, May 22 for PC gamers and if you’re looking to jump into the island, discounts can save you a few bucks up to 18% off.

The deals are all found at PC gaming retail sites. The two top discounts are GMG and GamersGate at 18% off while DLGamer and Bundle Stars are offering 15% and 12% off, respectively. The Collector’s Edition of the upgrade is also on sale at some of these retailers dropping the $60 list price to as low as $49.

Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Upgrade Discounts

Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Collector’s Edition Upgrade Discounts

All the deals above will be valid now through the June 6 official release of The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind. All the above discounts are for the non-Steam version but will work for Steam users, especially if you have a linked account.

All copies pre-ordered before the June 6 launch will get the Morrowind Discovery Pack. This pack includes several DLC extras like an exclusive warden costume, treasure maps, a dwarven crown crate, and XP scrolls which boost experience temporarily.

Standard Upgrade vs. Collector’s Upgrade

Those looking to pick up the Collector’s upgrade will have to fork over an extra $20. In the case of the 18% discount, you save as much as $11 with a drop to $49, which makes it an easier pill to swallow. There is nothing in the Collector’s that is vital to Morrowind, but some nice DLC extras, some of which you can’t get elsewhere.

Tacked onto the Collector’s Edition are several decent in-game bonuses. Included is an exclusive Grey War Bear while playing as a warden, a dwarven plated Armored War Horse, a dwarven spider pet, Morag Tong equipment converter, and extra character emotes. If you’re on the fence it makes sense to snag a discount when nabbing the Collector’s Edition.

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