You Can Connect New Steam Games to Your GOG Account Starting Today

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Good Old Games is arguably the most consumer-friendly platform right now thanks to the fact that none of the games found there contain any sort of DRM software. In addition, the platform has a number of other benefits, including a feature that allows players to link their GOG accounts to their Steam accounts, which is particularly useful since no one wants to buy the same game twice. As it happens, the third edition of GOG Connect just kicked off earlier today and brought to the table 20 new titles, including the first two Witcher games, Metro 2033 Redux, Frozen Synapse, Starbound, Risk of Rain, and more.

In order to start importing your games, you’ll first need to create a GOG account and a Steam account, both of which you probably have already given that you’re reading this. The next step requires you to visit the GOG Connect page and link your accounts with a simple press of a button. Keep in mind that you can only connect one Steam account to your GOG library and that the process is permanent, so make it count. Also, it’s worth emphasizing that you can keep playing all these games on Steam as well as GOG if you decide to use this service. For more information make sure you check the FAQ section towards the bottom of the GOG Connect page.

GOG Connect is a limited-time offer that will only last until the end of the Monstrous Fall Sale, which happens to be November 13 at 10:59 AM UTC. However, The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition will stick around a bit longer until December 7.

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