Black Desert Online Comes To Steam Bringing A Big Surprise

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Black Desert Online, originally released on March 3, 2016, is finally coming to Steam! Now, just one week from its Steam release on May 24, 2017, Kakao Games along with their partner PearlAbyss, announced a surprise that will come along with the big release. An entirely new class, the “Striker,” will be entering the beautifully crafted Black Desert world on the very same day eager Steam players flood its landscape!

The Striker will use his gauntlets coupled with his vambraces as his main damage dealing tools. Yes, that means he will fighting virtually unarmed! Using techniques ranging from classic martial arts moves to rugged street fighting techniques, the Striker brings an exciting new flavor to the already great cast of playable classes. Including the release of the Striker, that makes a total of 14 playable classes, just in time for the big Steam release.

If you, like many, are looking for a fresh MMO, and you missed out on Black Desert Online’s original release, this is your second chance! Watch Black Desert Online’s Steam page closely to pick up your copy when it releases on May 24, 2017. Sporting a “buy to play” model with a cash shop for vanity items, Black Desert Online currently offers multiple packages ranging from $9.99 to $49.99. It is estimated that its Steam release will also offer the same variety of price ranges, making it possible to experience Black Desert no matter your budget.


Everything sounds great, but even the best of news can come with a slight downside. If you already own Black Desert Online you will be required to purchase another copy of the game and make a new Black Desert account in order to play via Steam. Sadly, this means Black Desert alumni will not have in-game Steam access without completely starting over, but at least you get the new class!

Now we just have to wait another week for a chance to experience Black Desert Online on Steam. In the meantime, check out their official website and Steam store pages. Are you ready to enter the gorgeous, action-packed world that is Black Desert Online? I will see you in the desert!

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