Beware of the latest iOS update, some user’s encountered errors

Beware of the latest iOS update, some users encountered errors

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It is not clear yet if all iOS devices are being affected by the latest update, by now, it is certain that the 9.3.2 update which started to roll out since yesterday got some iPad Pro 9.7 users errors. As people started to complain, the update “bricked” their iPad’s, meaning that after instaling their device popped up an “Error 56” problem. As other people started to describe the problem on an Apple support site their iPads got stuck on the plug into iTunes screen and they were not able to do anything about it.

Usually, when errors are encountered with new updates, which appear to happen almost too often lately people try to download the restore option. Unfortunately, as it seems, no such attempt has been successful for the iPad users who had the latest iOS update installed. Again, the only ones who have complained to Apple support until now are iPad Pro users, no other devices seem to have encountered such problems, yet. We all know that updates roll out randomly, some receive it faster than others, but this time, if you are just seeing that a new iOS update is available, I strongly suggest to ignore it until the problem is solved.

There is no way to find out if the problem is widespread or not because there are also iPad Pro users who claim that they’ve managed to install the update with no problem, but they also say they did not do it through iTunes. Until more information is revealed, all iPad Pro users should take into consideration all these people who encountered a problem which Apple Support has not solved yet and think twice before downloading the 9.3.2 iOS update. If by some reasons you are an iPad Pro user and have not installed the update and you really want to, try to check out the ways other users managed to avoid the problem, or simply wait for a while.


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