Becoming a Better Gamer is all About Playing More Games

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It might sound facetious, but there’s only one way to become a better gamer and that’s to play games. Now, we’re aware that this slightly uninspiring piece of information might be blindly obvious, but there is a method to what appears to be a lapse of sanity. Yes, we all know that to get better at a game, you have to play that game over and over again.

However, what if we were to tell you that you can improve your skills at a game by playing other games? Becoming a well-rounded gamer with all the necessary skills to perform on the biggest stage takes more than hours of practice at a single game. Like any competitive endeavor, honing your skills in a variety of areas is crucial if you want to win.

For example, a leading kicker in the NFL doesn’t simply kick field goals all day. Although this forms a major part of his training, he’ll also be working on other aspects of his physical skills. Whether he’s in the gym maximizing his strength or watching old game footage and analyzing the angle of each kick, the player will be trying to improve his overall game by developing his skills in a variety of ways. eSports champions are not different in any way, and that’s admittedly the highest level of gamer you can become.

Becoming a better gamer is no different and, as we’ve said, the best way to improve is to play a variety of games. What games, you might ask? Well, in reality, there are plenty of options, but we’ve picked out two games you can use to help your results in Tekken, World of Warcraft or even Resident Evil 7.

Think like a Bingo Player for Better Results

According to the stats, online bingo was worth £256 million/$319 million in the UK alone in 2015. Thanks to an increase in the number of games and operators entering the market, players can now ante-up 24/7 via their desktops, smartphones, and tablets. In fact, such has been the growth of online bingo, especially in Europe, that even mainstream media outlets have joined the action.

Sun Bingo is an offshoot of the Sun newspaper and part of its popular appeal is the “social” side of its games. Although bingo is based on the same principles of odds as something like blackjack, the dynamics are a lot less “formal” and that’s one of its main strengths. In recent years, gaming has become “too serious” in some areas and online bingo is a way for you to get back in touch with the core reason you started playing.

For example, the Leaner Room is where new online bingo players at Sun Bingo can play and chat for free during their first week on the site. Having the ability to talk to other players and not worry about any financial costs associated with bingo allows the players to relax and have more fun.

This is something you should be aiming for when you’re playing the latest online MMO. Too often we hear stories of players getting into arguments with other players as they try to complete a mission. As soon as you lose your temper, you not only have less fun, but your performance drops. So, if you can learn to enjoy the game for what it is and talk to your peers in a social way, you’ll notice your results improve.

It’s All About Analyzing Moves like a Chess Pro

Quite possibly the most cerebral of all games, chess is perfect for strategizing and planning ahead. Although every player will differ, the average chess grandmaster will think at least 10 moves ahead of their current position. According to an interview with Time, chess prodigy Magus Carlsen thinks around 15 to 20 moves ahead.

However, more than thinking ahead, Carlsen explained that it’s the evaluation of the position at the end of the analysis that really counts. While a strong player might be able to see 15 possible moves ahead, it’s what they do with that information that makes them elite. Now, we’re not saying you can start playing chess and instantly think like a grandmaster. However, if you do pick up the game, you can start to develop an ability to think ahead.

Why would I need this? Well, take a game like Call of Duty, for example. Having the ability to think XX moves ahead of your opponent will inevitably allow you to tactically outflank them and win more missions. By assessing your own position, arsenal, the terrain and position of your opponent, you could come up with 10 possible attacks. After outlining ten attacks, you would then go through each one and analyze how effective it could be. The most effective would then be the attack you implement.

Although bingo and chess might not seem like obvious ways to improve your gaming skills, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Learning how to stay calm, enjoy yourself and think critically are skills every gamer should have. Of course, you could easily develop these skills while playing your favorite game. However, when you work on something in isolation and away from your main game, it tends to have a bigger impact. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to become a better gamer, maybe it’s time you spent more time playing games of all shapes and sizes.

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