Android N is predictably going to be Android 7.0 N, according to Samsung leak

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Google has already released the developer preview of Android N a couple of weeks ago, revealing a handful of new features and improvements that the new OS will introduce to the Android world. We have gone over the new and improved features of Android N already, if you want to learn more about the latest installment of the mobile operating system. More features have also been added with the Android N Developer Preview 2, which was released today. Although most of what Android N is about is already pretty clear, and we can get a rather comprehensive image of what’s to come to consumer handsets, Google has not yet confirmed the version number of the OS. Most of you will agree that with logical thinking, it would be easy to arrive at number 7, seeing as Android Lollipop was 5.0 and Android Marshmallow released last year was 6.0. That means that it’s more than likely for Android N to be version 7.0. Now, we sort of have confirmation of that, although not from Google themselves.

A leak attributed to Samsung, who have released a software developer kit today for MultiWindow, revealed that the next update to Google’s OS would bear the Android 7.0 N moniker. From the SDK, SamMobile pulled a line referring to Android N(7.0) compatibility, which is so far the only reference to version number. Google has not yet spoken about version numbers or the actual name of Android N, but has allegedly organized a poll through which people can suggest names for the new OS, emphasizing that suggestions should refer to edible sweets. In March, users could suggest names that start with the letter N and refer to tasty foods through its Opinion Rewards platform, but has not yet released statistics about what kind of names were suggested by the Android community. Although the company has not officially confirmed that they authored the survey, it’s likely that they did.


Nutella is the most commonly mentioned name for Android N among fans, but there’s skepticism about whether Google would be allowed to use the name without permission from Ferrero, the Italian manufacturer of the cocoa spread. Regardless, we will find out more about the particularities and features of Android at Google I/O 2016, which will be taking place between May 18-20. Since Android N is in its developer preview stage, features that are present in the current build might not make it into the consumer version of the software, which should be released in the Fall of 2016 alongside two new Nexus devices. What would be your choice for the Android N name and do you think Google might adopt any other version number than 7.0?


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