Welcome to Geek Snack, an independent magazine that deals in pop culture’s finest exhibitions, futuristic philosophies, entertainment in its many forms, gaming and its own universe and a lot that has to do with how we imagine the future. The main purpose of Geek Snack is to provide timely news and thoroughly researched articles in our op-ed category, but our secondary purpose is to offer readers a place they can chill out. When reporting and writing, we always keep the truth in mind and stay as objective as possible, so that our readers can get information in its raw form. When we speculate or rant, you’ll get a warning about it, but Geek Snack aims to be a source of information that you can rely on. In an effort to transcend its conditioned website state, this magazine chooses the road less traveled.

Geek Snack was founded in 2014 and it was very different in its humble beginnings. We grew and learned a lot about what our community wants and needs. We shifted our focus and chose a new trail on which you will hopefully accompany us. There’s a lot to talk about in this day and age and Geek Snack could be the perfect place to do so. The journey so far has revealed that we’re pretty keen on quality over quantity, which is why, sometimes we favor a good op-ed over a news piece that’s hip. When you come to Geek Snack, we hope that you find the quality writing you were looking for.

Right now, Geek Snack is here as a creative outlet and a source of information for those who want something different from what they can find in their news feeds right now. Our writers are just that, writers with artistic tendencies, who are trying to create a balance between literature, journalism, onion and irony. Striving to find balance, writers produce original content that doesn’t just offer the information in its rawest form, but offers commentary, insight, analysis and even foresight on occasion and we hope that you guys enjoy that.

Geek Snack is currently supported through advertising, but we are trying to make your experience on the site as distraction-free as possible. Make sure to tell us if something is bothersome and leave us suggestions about what you like and don’t like. We aim to form a community and we will only be able to do that if you guys help us along the way with your opinions and insight.

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