3 Ways Software Programs Can Help With Internet Security in 2017

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Back in the day, computer viruses could only infect diskettes by changing their label. That was back in the 1980s, when Brain, the first computer virus, was invented. The authors developed the virus with the intent of protecting their heart-monitoring software against piracy. Fast forward to the present day, you can no longer expect viruses to be as harmless as the Brain virus. Virus authors these days make money off their illegal activities. In fact, they make a billion dollar business by creating malware and viruses.

This is why Internet security is very crucial these days. You need an Internet security suite if you want maximum protection for your computer. Take note that antivirus and Internet security software are two different things. Both are designed to safeguard your computer against harmful programs but an Internet security software has more innovative features than an antivirus tool. Here are some ways an Internet security software can improve your security in 2017:

  • It comes with an enhanced Firewall to keep hackers away. A Firewall protects you against destructive elements from a specific computer or network. You need it especially if you are running a business server. Without a firewall, intruders can easily delete your files or hack into your device. Think of the computer as a house and your firewall as the gate. Without the gate, anyone could effortlessly get inside your house and cause harm. Many antivirus programs do not come with a two-way Firewall feature. It would be more practical to install an Internet security software rather than buy a third-party app or software for firewall.
  • It protects your children from unwanted content. Did you know that on average, kids these days are exposed to adult content as young as 11? There is nothing wrong in letting the kids explore the Internet. But as a parent, you are in charge of protecting your children against harmful contents online. Keep an eye on all the computers as well as mobile devices in your house. An Internet security software can give you the peace of mind that your children are browsing safely even when you are not around.
  • It secures shopping and banking online. One of the benefits of the Internet is the way it makes our lives more convenient. We live in an age when more of our lives are spent online, from ordering food down to checking our bank accounts. But how secure are we when doing online transactions? According to the Global Cyber Alliance, around 421 billion data records were stolen in 2016. Your antivirus program may not be enough to secure you whenever you perform online transactions. You will need to upgrade your antivirus to an Internet security suite to avail this feature.

Should you get an Internet security suite if you already have a good antivirus software? Yes. You will need its advanced features for maximum security. The top internet security available for PC today offers the complete protection for your computer and mobile devices. It has an excellent malware defense, parental control, two-way firewall, antispam, and webcam protection among others.

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