3 Cell Phone Spy Apps for a Safer Digital Space

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Cyber crimes are surging and by 2020, the global cyber security market is expected to skyrocket to $170 billion. Reading through these thriving figures would just be frantically fascinating to those who are the providers of such technology—those who are making our digital space safer—and those who are making efforts to prevent cyber crimes, like identity theft, online scams, cyber harassment, and online predating.

In 2015, smartphones were deemed as the primary way to browse the internet. Not just that—most of us are spending a considerably larger amount of time with our mobile devices than with computers, making it an easy and preferable hit for cyber security hackers.

Therefore, today we will be reviewing a few cell phone spy apps that deal with the mobile facet of cyber security. These apps provide an additional perspective at improving the digital safety (not security) of individuals through monitoring. For instance, security specialists of a corporation can use this app on their employees’ cell phones to oversee their online behavior and to come up with the right strategy that could largely reduce the chances of a possible data breach. Or parents can use these apps on their kids’ iPhones and iPads to avoid click baits, unsolicited access to pornography and so on.



XNSPY is a spy app that’s famous for its affordable pricing and decent set of monitoring features. Primarily, it’s an app that parents or employers can use on their kids or employees’ devices, respectively, but has also been deemed as a consensual monitoring tool amongst partners. Because the app has the ability to be used as a covert mobile tool, the possibility of breaching the boundaries of consensual monitoring also exists.

XNSPY users can have access to their monitored devices’ essential phone logs, such as calls history, emails, internet browsing history, contacts, notes, etc. Or they can also use it to track social media activity or location details of the monitored person. Have a look at some of the top features on this app.


Top features

⦁ Set instant notifications—Watchlist contacts, words, and locations, and get instant notifications for the activity that matters to you the most.
⦁ Monitor Social media—Access chats, group chats, multimedia and shared locations from Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Line, iMessage and a few more apps.
⦁ Monitor GPS activity—Online activities can take a toll on the offline activities of a person too. For instance, a child who has been stalked and contacted by an online predator can convince them to meet in person. XNSPY can track the GPS activity of your kids in real-time. Geo-fencing can also be set up if you want to restrict your children within certain geographical boundary.
⦁ Remote commands—Mobile activity of a person is not only monitored but also managed with this app’s remote commands. If you are tired of your child’s cell phone obsession, use xnspy to lock their mobile devices.


XNSPY can be used to monitor activity from any iOS or Android devices (Gingerbread 2.3 or higher for Android and iOS 6.0 or higher for Apple devices).


The app is amongst the more affordable cell phone spy apps out there. It’s cheaper subscription and decent set of features make it a great deal for professional or personal use. XNSPY’s basic package starts at $8.33/month, while the Premium one takes slightly more out of the user’s pocket, i.e. $12/month. There is also an iCloud version that’s available for around $8/month.


mSpy is referred to as “an older rendition of XNSPY”, with a slightly downgraded set of features. The app has captured much of the mobile monitoring market because of its early appearance compared to the rest.


Top Features

⦁ Phone logs monitoring—View all phone logs (missed, outgoing, incoming) emails, and internet browsing history.
⦁ Social media tracking—Get access to monitored user’s social media from apps like Facebook, Viber, Skype, Kik,
⦁ Instant Alerts—Set alerts and get notified of special calls, phonebook entries, and locations.
⦁ Location tracking: mSpy’s GPS tracking is just as effective as that of XNSPY as they both provide real-time location targeting.


mSpy takes some lead in the compatibility section as it’s compatible with Mac OS and Window PC, in addition to Android and iOS.



The app is available in Basic and Premium packages. You can get the cheaper one for $8.33/month and the more feature-packed version for $16/month.


When you want an app that dedicatedly looks at the digital safety of your kids, you can comfortably go with Teensafe. This app is available on iOS devices and works only using the iCloud credentials of your kids. Parents can easily add more mobile devices to the same account to make everything more manageable. However, the app has limited usability and monitoring features that are just sufficient enough for monitoring kids’ online activities.


Top Features
⦁ Phone logs monitoring—Access all phone logs of your child, like their emails, online browsing, contacts, SMS, and calls.
⦁ GPS monitoring—Just like the other two apps mentioned above, Teensafe also provide GPS details of the monitored user, but not in real time.
⦁ Social media monitoring—When it’s about your teen, you can’t ignore their social media, and that’s why Teensafe allows you to view content from their WhatsApp and Kik.

Teensafe was initially compatible only with iOS devices, however, now there is also an Android version, albeit with limited features.

Teensafe is available for a flat subscription fee of $15/month. If you want to monitor your child’s device with rooting or jailbreaking, this could be it.

Do we have a winner?
Cell phone spy apps are quite a thing now, and people who know what they could do for their children, business, and relationships, are already giving them a try. These 3 apps we reviewed are probably the best you could get because they all have a great price/features ratio.


But one app that stands out is XNSPY, because of its highest price/features correlation. At just $8/month, it’s the most affordable mobile spying app. Even though mSpy made it to the customers a long time ago, XNSPY comes around as a much sounder and preferable choice

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