2017: The Year Of Team Horror – 2 Games To Be Excited About

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As any horror film buff knows, horror movie characters are notorious for making brainless, often lethal mistakes. Don’t go up those stairs! Don’t run that way, stay with your friends! What are you doing, just stab her, she’s right there! These are all things we find ourselves shouting at the television, but could you do any better? Could you avoid the killer, running to safety, or bravely stand your ground and fight the blood hungry lunatic? Maybe you could instead control the emotions of a group of victims, capitalizing on their fear to catch and gruesomely eradicate them. Finally in 2017, thanks to the power of the people through crowdfunding efforts, now is your chance.

Two games set for release this year aim to place the player in the shoes of a horror film character. Both games have some major similarities, including an asymmetric multiplayer system, meaning a group of players work together against one lone killer. Combat fear and work together with other players to avoid falling into a grim demise as a frightened teenager. Or take on the role of a dangerous psychopath, set out to kill everyone in their path, allowing no survivors. Take on the challenge later this year and play Friday the 13th: The Game and Last Year. How will your movie end?

Friday the 13th: The Game – PS4, Xbox One, PC/Steam

With a scheduled release date of “early 2017,” Friday the 13th: The Game looks to give players the full Friday the 13th experience they have always wanted. What is better than getting to try my luck at eluding the legendary killer Jason Voorhees? Actually getting to play him! Yes, not only will terrified camp counselors have to work together to try and escape, winning the 7v1 match. One player will control Jason Voorhees, focused solely on annihilating everyone, slashing through the counselors and enjoying every bloody minute!

Focusing on maintaining the Friday the 13th movie-like style, Friday the 13th: The Game includes many exciting features. In Jason Voorhees style, every kill will be more brutal than the last. Using Kane Hodder ( the actor who played Jason Voorhees in four films) as the motion capture actor, we can expect to witness Jason’s cruelty the same as in the movies, as he cuts through the feeble camp counselors. Kills ranging anywhere from choke slamming counselors into trees to lifting them high above his head and impaling them on nearby spikes, Jason will fully represent the unrelenting killing force that he is. Remember, as you play Friday the 13th: The Game, you’re making a horror movie, and what is a horror movie without a trailer? Highlights from every match will be in the form of a 1990’s horror movie trailer which can be saved for later viewing; the bloodier the better.

Last Year – PC/Steam

Scheduled to release into beta testing in August of 2017, Last Year pits five teenagers against a single vicious killer. The terrifying story takes place in one of two settings reminiscent of many slasher horror films we have come to adore. Teenagers fight to survive their ghastly ordeal in either Siver Lake Summer Camp or East Side High School on Halloween of 1996. They must not only survive but accomplish a set of objectives in order to secure their escape. The five teens each have unique traits, making them invaluable for team survival. These traits range from the ability to carry weapons, to the know-how to repair sabotaged generators and phone lines. Developing and executing an escape plan coupled with exemplary teamwork is the only way to achieve safety.

Driven by an insatiable bloodlust, the killer’s only objective is to kill all five teenagers. Three unique killers are on the prowl, each offering completely different playstyles. Killer abilities vary from laying traps to disrupting and injuring survivors to kidnapping teens one by one, dragging them from their allies. Efficiently utilizing the killer’s surroundings, along with “predator mode” is vital to disrupt and kill the teenagers. Sabotaging a generator to kill the lights will force the teenagers to decide either to try to fix the generator or attempt escape in the dark. Use predator mode to frighten, harass, and ultimately kill your prey in creative ways. Setting up the kill is just as important as execution, and predator mode is the perfect tool to create kill opportunities. Strategy is vital for both the survivors and the killer. Make wise choices, it may just be your last.


The nightmare-inducing games Friday the 13th: The Game and Last Year have a lot in common. They both boast an asymmetric multiplayer style, leaving one player alone to take on the rest and creating a horror movie atmosphere. However, there are some key differences to take note of. Perhaps the main distinction between the two games is that Friday the 13th: The Game is in 3rd person and Last Year is in 1st person. Both games still are very horror inducing from their given perspectives. Another difference comes from the core of each game, the overall focus seems to be different. Friday the 13th: The Game seems to put more focus into the horror movie-like feel. Whereas Last Year tends to put more weight on team play and strategy. Both titles will scare your socks off, and are absolute must-owns for horror and co-op multiplayer fans.

Check out more information on Friday the 13th: The Game and Last Year including up to date news, on their official websites. The opportunity to be a part of your very own horror movie is quickly approaching. Will you be ready when it comes for you?

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