The Yogscast Humble Bundle Offers More Than 30 Games for Just $30

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A brand new Humble Bundle has been revealed earlier today and this time around it looks like it’s from the Yogscast themselves. I know, I know, there has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding them, and with good reason, but we’ll leave that discussion for another time. For now, though, it’s worth discussing a bit about the Yogscast “Jingle Jam 2016” Humble Bundle because it’s pretty interesting. The bundle is priced quite a bit higher than what you’d usually find on the store, however, it also includes a lot more games than regular bundles.

The gist is as follows: dish out $30 bucks or more and you will become the proud owner of over 30 games that you can add to your Steam or GOG library. Unlike regular bundles, however, this one is similar to Ubisoft’s 30 days of giveaways calendar in the sense that one or multiple items will be revealed each day, with several games having already been revealed on day one. For now, the newest Humble Bundle includes the likes of Psychonauts, Kholat, Guilty Gear XX AC Plus, Runner 2: Future Legends of Rhythm Alien, Back to Bed, and some Team Fortress 2 badges.

Obviously, the bundle isn’t worth $30 at the moment but additional games will be added until the end of the month so it’s bound to become more and more appealing with time. Buyers can expect at least one extra title to be added each day throughout December, bringing the total up to at least 35 games. Unless, of course, some of the gift boxes contain more badges, skins, DLC and the like, which could be useful but don’t really count as actual games. That said, word has it that the bundle will actually end up containing over 50 games so there’s bound to be at least a few good ones in there.


And now for the bad news. It would appear that only the first 50K buyers will be able to grab the new Humble Bundle for 30 bucks, with over 10K of those having already been sold. In short, you can either get it now and hope for the best or wait a few days for extra games but pay more. Decisions, decisions….On the bright side, 100% of the money raised is going to charity so at least if you do decide to buy it now you can sleep well tonight knowing that you’re helping a good cause. As always, buyers can decide what percentage of their money goes where before check out. In this case, all the options are noteworthy charities, including the Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Special Effects, GamesAid, ILGA, and Charity Water.

Oh, and if you can’t spare the $30 for the Humble Bundle you can just pitch in 5 bucks and get DATLOF (whatever that is) and a shout-out from the Yogscast if you’re into that sort of thing.

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  1. why would you pay more in a couple days the price remains the same throughout december for the games

  2. “A fair amount of controversy” you mean things that were resolved many years ago. I feel like this article is pretty uninformed.

  3. “and get DATLOF (whatever that is)”

    You could do a little research (ie clicking on the photo on the store page – so hard!) and you’d have actual information for an article instead of pulling it out of your ass.

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