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World of Warcraft Legion – Nightfallen Reputation Quick Guide

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Blizzard finally took questing and storytelling in World of Warcraft to the next level with Legion. Not only are the four main questing areas very diverse and interesting but the new expansion also features a new end game zone called Suramar that seems to have no shortage of brilliant content. Whether you’re into questing, opening ancient portals, or simply want to explore the absolutely massive capital city of the Nightborne, there’s always something to do in Suramar.

If you want to skip some of that stuff and jump right into the main storyline, however, you’re probably going to run into some issues sooner or later unfortunately because Suramar isn’t exactly the most intuitive and easy to navigate zone in Legion. Don’t worry, though, because this guide will give you all the basic information you need to complete all the currently available chapters of the main storyline and help you gain enough reputation to reach at least Revered with the Nightfallen and unlock The Arcway and Court of Stars along the way.

First things first

Upon reaching level 110 in Legion you should head over to the Violet Citadel in Dalaran and speak to Khadgar in order to receive a new quest and begin your adventure. Your first order of business will be to complete the introductory storyline consisting of seven fairly simple quests: Khadgar’s Discovery, Magic Message, Trail of Echoes, The Only Way is Through, The Nightborne Pact, Arcane Thirst, and Shal’Aran. In addition to opening the way to Suramar, these quests will also help you find a major Nightfallen NPC and quartermaster named First Arcanist Thalyssra, as well as Suramar’s main questing hub and sanctuary known as Shal’Aran, which looks a little worse for wear when you first encounter it but gets better as you progress.

At this point, you have a few options to choose from regarding where to go next but you’re probably better off continuing to assist Thalyssra for the time being by helping her find a couple of allies. First on the list is Arcanist Kel’danath, who is unfortunately no longer around, but what remains of his research can be found in Ambervale just NW of Shal’Aran and is accessed via the quest An Old Ally. Completing this particular storyline will eventually prompt you to deliver a withered named Subject 16 to Arcanist Thalyssra and will open an additional quest called Kel’danth’s Legacy, which serves as a tutorial for a very lucrative scenario that you will be able to access further down the line. But more on that later.


With that out of the way, you can now begin your search for Chief Telemancer Oculeth via the quest Oculeth’s Workshop, which is also given by Thalyssra. The workshop in question is located just north of Suramar city and east of Meredil at around 49.2, 48.0n the map. The Telemancer is a bit eccentric but has some very interesting quests to offer and will return with you to Shal’Aran once you’ve completed Network Security and started the quest Close Enough. Completing two additional quests for him while in Shal’Aran will teach you a little bit about Ancient Mana and the portals scattered all across Suramar. Make sure you pay attention because both these things can be used to gain valuable experience with the Nightfallen, much like the aforementioned scenario.

By now you may have noticed that all these questlines also double as tutorials of sorts meant to teach players some of the new mechanics and systems introduced in Legion. The following two quests are now different and will teach you about the Leyline network found underneath Suramar, as well as help you access the main city. For the Leyline related quest speak to First Arcanist Thalyssra again and pick up the quest Tapping the Leylines (requires Chief Telemancer Oculeth), which will have you searching for Arcanist Valtrois NE of Meredil. The NPC can be found in front of a cave at around 43.4, 38.6 and will eventually return with the player to Shal’Aran after completing two more quests called Power Grid and Feeding Shal’Aran. Similarly, Thalyssra also gives an additional quest called Sympathizers Among the Shal’dorei (requires Kel’Danath’s Legacy) that has players traveling to the Suramar outskirts and learning how to disguise themselves in order to walk through the city without being attacked by the guards. This particular questline ends upon completing First Contact.


After completing all those questlines First Arcanist Thalyssra will eventually offer another interesting quest called Arcane Communion that involves feeding Theryn (aka Subject 16) 300 Ancient Mana. Right before that happens, however, Thalyssra will require some Ancient Mana herself as she is beginning to wither and may eventually end up like Theryn if she goes much longer without feeding on magical energies, much like the rest of her kind. This questline is quite lengthy but also pretty straightforward and involves seven additional quests after completing Arcane Communion: Scenes from a Memory, Cloaked in Moonshade, Breaking the Seal, Moonshade Holdout, Into the Crevasse, The Hidden City, and The Valewalker’s Burden.

Doing all those quests can be a bit of a chore but they are very important to the main campaign and reward the player with the achievement Nightfallen But Not Forgotten upon completion. Unlocking that achievement also completes the first chapter (An Ancient Gift) of Good Suramaritan, a meta achievement that involves completing Suramar’s eleven main storylines. Players are not required to finish An Ancient Gift before the other chapters, however, doing so is ideal as it teaches the player about important mechanics and rewards a lot of Artifact Power, increase the Ancient Mana cap, and provides valuable reputation with the Nightfallen, among other things.


What’s Next?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the area and the main NPCs we’re going to speed things up a bit. Out of the ten remaining chapters needed for Good Suramaritan, six can be pursued immediately after completing An Ancient Gift, however, only one is related to the main storyline of Suramar and Legion, with the other five serving more as side stories. The next logical step for those interested in just the main story is to start the chapter known as The Waning Crescent by picking up the quest Lady Lunastre from First Arcanist Thalyssra, which prompts the player to seek out Ly’leth at the Grand Promenade in Suramar City. This storyline is quite lengthy and involves completing a number of primary quests as well as a few optional ones along the way ending with Thalyssra’s Abode and Thalyssra’s Drawers. It’s worth noting that players need at least 1700 reputation into Friendly with the Nightfallen in order to begin this quest, which may constitute a problem for some. If you’re still not there come back later for The Waning Crescent and in the meantime look into some of the side storylines or optional ways of grinding reputation described below.

Tidying Tel’anor

  • Starts with The Lost Advisor and An Ancient Recipe, both given by Thaedris Feathersong (45.6, 40.8) and ends with Feathersong’s Redemption.
  • Consists of many quests that involve gathering objects and only a handful of combat quests.
  • Some of the items required to be gathered can be a bit hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled.

Eminent Grow-main

  • Starts NNE of Falanaar with the quest Feline Frantic given by Mayruna Moonwing and ends with Eminent Grow-main.
  • Contains a number of fairly frustrating quests but is otherwise one of the easiest side stories to complete.
  • The optional quest Scouting the Crimson Thicket ties in nicely with the following chapter as it ends very close to where Jandvik’s Jarl begins.

Jandvik’s Jarl

  • Starts with the quest Removing Obstacles given by Toryl (64.8, 51) and ends with Turning the Tidemistress.
  • A large portion of this questline takes place underwater but players receive temporary Water Breathing and a swimming boost to help them out.
  • An underwater mount like the Fathom Dweller is helpful but not necessary.
  • Though it may seem tempting, don’t try to kill the elite vicious whale shark patrolling the area as it is capable of one-shotting most characters.

Moon Guard Stronghold

  • Starts with the quest Fate of the Guard given by Thalrenus Rivertree (27.8, 21.3) and ends with Last Stand of the Moon Guard.
  • Moon Guard Stronghold is teeming with hostile mobs, however, the quest givers offer various items to ensure that the player is able to move freely around the area, for the most part.
  • Thalrenus Rivertree along with Lothrius Mooncaller and Syrana Starweaver will move to Shal’aran once the questline is complete.

Breaking the Lightbreaker

  • Starts at Lyana Darksorrow (30.8, 59.2) in Felsoul Hold and ends with the quest Azoran Must Die, which involves killing the titular demon.
  • Lyana Darksorrow can be found inside a building in the NE part of Fel Soul Hold.
  • The quest marker location could lead to some confusion so make sure to look for a portal as that’s the only way to gain access to the place where Azoran can be found.
  • Likely one of the most difficult side stories to complete due to the large number of powerful Legion troops found all throughout the area.

Back to the Main Storyline

While the side storylines themselves don’t award too much reputation with the Nightfallen, by now you should have at least 1700 into Friendly just by completing the first chapter, doing some world quests, or even better, a Nightfallen Emissary quest. As mentioned earlier, The Waning Crescent is a pretty straightforward questline that only gets a bit complicated if you decide to pursue the side quests for extra reputation, which you definitely should because you’re going to need to reach Honored in order to unlock the next chapter. At Honored with the Nighfallen, Valewalker Farodin in Shal’aran has a new quest available called Moths to a Flame, which begins the chapter entitled Blood and Wine. The first quest in the series can be completed in Shal’aran but after that all the action takes place in Suramar City and mostly involves talking to people, gathering items, making wine, and the occasional brawl with the city guard, though there are a couple of tougher fights to look out for as well. Probably of the most annoying parts of the questline involves an NPC named Arluin that requires 800 Ancient Mana to move the story forward so make sure you have that much before talking to him for the quest Hired Help.

Once you’ve completed Blood and Wine you’re likely to spend the next few days grinding Nightfallen reputation when you can because the next chapter entitled Statecraft requires at least 8000 reputation into Honored. The questline starts at First Arcanist Thalyssra with The Perfect Opportunity and takes place, once again, in Suramar City. The actual quests are again not very difficult but they require a bit more stealth as most of them take place in parts of the city with large numbers of guards that can see through your disguise. Still, the hardest part will probably be to the get the necessary reputation in the first place, however, once the questline is over the rewards will be well worth the effort. Also, Arluin needs 1200 Ancient Mana this time around which can be a bit of a bummer for some players (pro tip: using Cross-Realm Assist at Twilight Vineyards to farm Twice-Fortified Arcwine and Leypetal Blossoms is a great way to get the necessary amount in no time). Completing Statecraft unlocks access to the Arcway and Court of Stars Mythic dungeons while also unlocking three new quests that take place within these two dungeons.


Finally, completing Statecraft and reaching 7000 reputation into Revered with the Nightfallen unlocks the last available chapter entitled A Growing Crisis. The questline starts at the Temple of Falan’dora where the player must assist Valewalker Farodin before returning to Shal’aran and triggering The Stuff of Dreams, which takes place in the newly introduced Emerald Nightmare raid. In order to meet with Farodin the player should ideally take the Shal’Aran portal to Falanaar as it provides a much faster route than trying to get there by foot. There is an additional chapter called A Change of Seasons that awards the achievement Good Suramaritan and wraps up the main Nightfallen storyline, however, this final chapter will only become available once Patch 7.1 hits Legion later this year.

Additional Ways of Grinding Nightfallen Reputation

World Quests

This is one of the best ways of grinding reputation with the Nightfallen, as most world quest grants anywhere between 50 to 150 rep and the elite ones go as high as 250, albeit those are only unlocked after completing Statecraft. The real gold mine, however, is the Nightfallen Emissary quest that grants no less than 1500 reputation in addition to the rest of the rep gathered while completing the four required quests. Kirin Tor Emissary quests can grant 750 reputation with the Nightfallen upon completion, however, they can also grant 1500 rep with any of the other factions, so it will be up to players to decide if they want the full amount or just half with the Suramar faction. Speaking of which, completing world quests for The Wardens will also grant reputation with the Nightfallen provided said quests take place in Suramar. Seeing as how The Wardens usually have rare quests, it’s definitely worth pursuing them in Suramar as most of them grant 150 rep or more with the Nightfallen in addition to the reputation you gain with The Wardens themselves. World quests are unlocked after reaching Friendy with the Nightfallen.

Ley Stations

By this point, you have probably activated at least some of the Ley Stations scattered around Suramar so it’s a good idea to go and activate the rest of them if you haven’t already. Aside from raising the Ancient Mana cap and triggering an achievement called Leyline Bling upon completion, activating all eight Ley Stations also grants 750 reputation with the Nightfallen, which is not too shabby all things considered. It’s worth noting that activating the stations usually requires around 200 Ancient Mana so make sure you have enough before you go hunting for them. As for where to find them, simply refer to the map below (courtesy of Wowhead) and look around for the yellow quest mark when you’re in the area.


Withered Army Training

The withered army scenario is a great way of earning extra reputation with the Nightfallen and it’s also extremely fun to boot. While it may seem a bit difficult at first, the scenario gets noticeably easier with each and every run, provided the player picks up some of the chests along the way. Reaching a score of at least 400 in the withered army scenario will reward the player with 400 reputation with the Nightfallen on top of a number of other rewards. A lower score will also reward some rep but the player should always strive for the maximum amount whenever possible as the scenario can only be completed roughly once every three days.

Feed Shal’Aran NPCs

Last but not least, three of the NPC’s in Shal’Aran can provide a low but steady amount of reputation with the Nightfallen every day. Thalyssra, Oculeth, and Valtrois are the three NPCs in question and each of them offers a daily quest that requires the player to feed them 50 Ancient Mana. Therefore, by spending a total of 150 Ancient Mana on all three the player can gain 150 reputation with the Nightfallen in return every single day. It’s worth noting that the daily quests don’t reset together with the rest of the server but rather, the reset occurs one full day after the previous daily was completed. In short, make sure you start feeding all three of them at the same time in order to avoid traveling to Shal’Aran multiple times just to check on each NPC.

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